Saturday, March 06, 2010

Fun w/Fondue Friday

Well it's 2:30am and I should be sleep, but I'm not so I thought I'd share with you all a short video clip from last nights/tonight's first DPT c/o 2012 F-cubed party (fun with fondue Friday). The clip of a few of my intoxicated classmates doing the soldier boy didn't come out as clear as I'd liked it to, but I'm sharing anyways. LOL! You can't really hear the track because it was loud in there, but it don't matter because they wasn't with the music anyways! I love my classmates. Non stop entertainment I tell yah!


AR Gal said...

The fool in folks really comes out once the liquor starts flowing. LOL Soooooo, did you get out on the dance floor with them?

Anonymous said...

I thought someone destroyed all recordings of that song. lol