Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Break time!

It's day 2 of putting in a full day of state job work and I am reminded of why I wanted to leave desk job work behind so badly UGH! My eyes are killing me (yet I blog) LOL! I haven't typed up a blog post at work in forever so I'm overdue.

This morning when I got to work I got into a zone! I made some nice numbers (which is why my eyes probably hurt) which translates to got some real work done. I been about business all day till a coworker called and asked if I'd help them with their stuff. No prob. I am a team player. I still have access to productivity reports so out of curiousity I looked just to see where everyone one who was doing their stuff was. Yeah they needed help. I helped for about an hour, checked again, and the numbers were still the SAME minus my part! Oh heck nah! So I started reading blogs inbetween doing work like the good ole days. LOL!

Then my supervisor came in and was like "I didn't know you were here today" which was a lie because I sent her and my admin an email about me working all this week. When I tell her what I wrote in the email she get's bright eyed "You're working 40 hours this week? Man we gonna have some good productivity numbers this week!" That's when I decided to stop and blog. That comment zapped what little mojo I had left. What? I stopped at 5 and I didn't take neither of my 2-15's so I'm good! LOL! These jokers not gonna suck the life out of me! They should have good numbers every week! The numbers should be BETTER because of the added help! Sheesh! Whatever.

Went to get my annual TB test results at my old weekend job yesterday. I went to sign some documents in my supervisors office and the HR chick saw me and spoke. She asked about school and reminded me that I need to call her when I graduate. I think I blogged about the first time she told me that. I am sure I did. Man I pray she's still there when I do get my license to practice! LOL!

My step mother didn't have to get the surgery. She is still not well, but she is not as close to heaven as the MD's thought! :-) They took the time table off her. Amen.

Oh lonely dude! Let me summarize that before I forget. See I was chilling at the laundromat doing my thing. As I am taking my clothes out the dryer this dude comes up and tells me he still has 17 mins. left on the dryer he used if I wanted to finish it out. Sweet! I load up, add some money, and go sit. Dude is pretty loud talking to another lady on the other side of the mat. No biggie. He gets done with her and then sparks up a convo with me! Mind you his clothes are dryed and folded by this point. He talked mostly about the problem with sista's and him asking why he can't find a good one. I told him not to be so picky. He wasn't bad looking and he claimed to have a job and his own stuff so I dunno. So my 2 cents was to open his eyes wider. He told me about this chick he recently met at IHOP, they spoke for 5 hours, planned a date, and then she went ghost. No answer to his calls. *hmmmm* Then he started asking about Pooka's father and carrying on. In my mind I was figuring out if he was trying to holla or if he was lonely...he was lonely. Once I convinced him I was good with my situation with Snookums he started to break the convo on down which was good because my clothes were almost dry (yes he talked that long). When he was done with me he started talking to the spanish chick that was cleaning the lent out of the dryers. I really hope dude found someone special to be with. He came off really...lonely. I am using the nicest word I can thing of. I was kinda sad for the guy.

Time to go!


Freaky Deaky said...

The numbers are better because of the added help. Now hush and give masa her numbers before they whip you.

Glad you stepmom doesn't need the surgery and that you can call her stepmom. ;o)

Lonely Dude probably didn't let her get a word in edgewise during the whole 5 hour conversation. Either that or he told her his whole life's story and she decided to head for the hills. Hope your Snookums doesn't choke both of you. LOL.

So what words would you use to describe him if you weren't being nice? Pressed? Desperate? Pathetic? Creepy? Rape van owner?

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Yea its called work! LOL Some do it. And some don't. LOL

The work for it was stalker! Or like I like to say... stalker tendencies!

BTW you suppose to be resting!