Friday, April 16, 2010

Tales from the Laundromat

Right now I am beyond the point of novice at my local laundromat. I've been there about once a week every since my washing machine died. Most of the time it's pretty uneventful, but I do have a few situations to share. Let's start with Church lady.

It was my very first time at my local location and as I am waiting a short, older, black lady with long, beautiful, salt and pepper hair came in. She was wearing an old sweatsuit and a fisherman's hat. People don't dress up to wash their clothes so her appearance didn't catch my attention. Her actions did. She kept pacing back and forth, counting the machines her clothes were in, and talking to herself. No prob, she'd keep me mentally entertained. So I thought.

Pooka got bored and decided to put my hamper on her head. I felt like being silly so I started banging on it while she had it on. We minded our own business, having our immature fun and I hear a voice...

"Does she have that on her head?" I turned to see the older black standing a couple feet away and facing me.

"Yes ma'am". I should have said no, just to she what she would have said.

"What grade is she in?"


"Oh I teach in an elementary school!" Her face lit up and that's when the pretty much one way conversation began.

Half hour to 45 mins later I am folding my now dried clothes and she has talked to me about everything under the sun. I just smile and stay polite. She brings up a story about a friend of hers that had an only child and that that person always regretted not having more children. Then she somehow found a way to tell me...

"God wants you to have more children"

Ummmmmm okay I need to fold my clothes a little faster. LOL! I tell her I am okay with what I have now and can't take care of another child at this point in my life. She goes on and on about it and I finish my clothes and politely say goodbye!


Next situation is called Lonely Dude....stay tuned! LOL


Freaky Deaky said...

How dare you disobey God and the voices in her head! It saddens me that more women aren't have 16-20 kids anymore. What is happening to our society? You know things are going to be different come 2012. *snickers* I should go to a laundromat one day when I'm bored and play a character. I think the 1st one should be called Panty Stealer.

Oh yeah, quit being nice to strays before they follow you home and give you babies.

The Brown Blogger said...

I second that.

It was hard enough sharing the bathroom with my sibs.

Ladynay said...

Women had that many kids back in the day so they'd have someone to tend to the farm and such. There's no need for that now! LOL!

I don't think you'd be pretending to steal panties...I'm just saying *wink*

Hassan, OOOOOOKAY! Pooka and I are sharing a bathroom at the moment and it's driving me nuts! I'm not ready to add a consistant member to my household just yet!

AR Gal said...

This post gifted me with a hearty chuckle. LOL sometimes I wonder how folks can talk sooooooooo much!

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