Saturday, April 17, 2010

Martial Arts and Hanging Out

So yeah, here are four of the many clips I took of this mornings Tae Kwon Do Festival. The festival is a yearly thing where they have Korean and American entertainment (dancers, demonstrations, etc) and competition between the various centers worldwide. First is a Korean dance team, second is a member of Jackie Chan's stunt double team, third is one of master instructors, forth is the very end of the performance that all the instructors of the various NC locations got together and came up with. Dude with the numchucks (sp) did a very seductive, almost not for children dance at the beginning of his performance. I don't have a clip of that because I was too busy figuring out how he managed to get so much soul in his body movements! Very impressive! LOL! I have over a dozen clips, I'm just to lazy to upload them all.

After all the entertainment and demonstrations I wanted to see were over I took Pooka to a playdate. It was supposed to be a birthday party but things kept popping up for folks. It was cool though. My friend/coworker and her man are very sweet people. We hung out in her backyard watching the kids run around and talking about whatever came up. I also learned a lot about humming birds. My friend loves them and they apparently like her house. I'd never seen a humming bird in person till today. Very cool.

It wasn't too hot and there was a nice breeze. So relaxing. We enjoyed ourselves. I also found out my friend makes a great homemade Kahlua. We had it with our ice cream. I mentioned the good taste and she gave me a bottle of it! YAY me! I really enjoyed my day today. Life is good.


Jameil said...

your peacefulness and contentment exudes from your posts these days. very cool! :)

Freaky Deaky said...

Homemade Kahlua? I want some moonshine out of one of those crazy ass jugs like in the cartoon and I want my jug to have the XXX mark. I'm so serious.

I bet you do have video of the sexy dance for your private collection. Nasty!

Ladynay said...

Jameil, yeah trying to find and/or create some peace and happiness to balance out the other stuff going on is the key to my sanity.

FD, I know people that make moonshine. It's the cure for the common cold! Seriously!

I won't confirm nor deny what may be in a real or fictional collection! Thank you very much! LOL!

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