Thursday, June 10, 2010

I should blog...

though my life is pretty much the same. School, work, Pooka stuff, sleep, eat, blah blah blah, repeat.

Tomorrow is my last midterm. YAY! It really does feel like I am taking some sort of test every other day. :-(It's an open note test which isn't a good thing believe it or not.

My one and only 3 week break in the entire program starts on 7/23 or whatever date Friday lands on. After those classes are over I plan to be away from my typical life for at least one entire week. I am hoping it will be on without technology as well. We will see how that works out. I'll probably work the other 2 weeks...maybe. Thinking about this break next month is keeping me sane.

Pooka's last day of school was today! She brought home her report card and everything looked good. There is always room for improvement but I liked what I saw. That pretty word "Promotion" was at the bottom of her report card too so that means I am officially the parent of a 4th grader! YAY!

Two younger than Pooka kids moved in across the way and have become friends with Pooka. As soon as they see my car park and us come in I can almost predict when the doorbell will ring or hear a knock at my door! LOL! Normally it's all good, but today around 8:30 (Pooka always has to be in by 8, her buddies know this) one of the little girls rang the doorbell once every 5 secs till I got to the door. She asked me if Pooka could come out.

"No, she is in for the night"


*30 secs of crickets cuz" this question threw me off*

"Because it's her bedtime"

"I don't have a bedtime"

"That good, but Pooka does. It's starting to get dark so you should be headed home."

"What about tomorrow at 3 o'clock?"

"She won't be here then"

"Ok" and she trails off on her bike.

WTH????? 1) I don't care how old you are, don't question me about why my child can't go outside because in all honesty...I don't need a reason! 2) Why don't your too young to not have a bedtime have a bedtime? I hope and pray her parents have her come inside at a decent hour. My neighborhood
isn't bad but children their age should be inside BEFORE the street lights come on. When Pooka gets to middle school age I may change my mind. Period.

Pooka and her tae kwon do crew are slowly starting that talk on the phone thing. I have a suspicion that Pooka is not going to be much of a phone talker! LOL! This past weekend her bff (at the moment) called and cracked me up! My phone rings....



"Ummmm who would you like to speak to?"


*me thinking this kid had the wrong number* "Karen doesn't live here sweetheart"


"Oh, hi Karen. (connecting the dots) you want to talk to Pooka?" This is when I started cracking up on the inside because she is yelling names like she is a cheerleader! ROFL


They talk for about 2 minutes if that and that was it! Pooka is slowly moving on up in the social category. I can dig it.

I got a blast from the past voicemail the other day. It was one of those "wow they still have my number" type deals. LOL! I haven't responded to the call mostly because I don't have the time to sit and play catch up right now.

My mom got her cast off Wednesday! YAY! She can already bend her knee! Pretty darn awesome! :-)

Ummmm what else? Oh I have a mini mountain of clothes that need to be washed! So at some point this weekend I'll be at the laundromat! You sooooo wanted to know that! LOL!

That will be all. Carry on! :-)


Freaky Deaky said...

A week without technology? By choice? *GASP* Oh wait, I forget you're a mutant and destroyer of technology so you probably can. :o(

So I take it Pooka's bedtime hour isn't getting a promotion too?

You have to understand when someone has few limits or guidelines they don't know how to react when they meet those that do. With that said I'd be annoyed too.

I think I'm going to use Karen's greeting technique in the near future. LOL. A lot can change between now and the teenage years. There's a phone waiting to be surgically attached to Pooka's head. Mark my words.

Yay mom! Did you ever sign her cast?

Your clothes are about to come to life in a minute. You better take care of that. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Pooka. I hate talking on the phone too.

I need those parents to watch their kids. Kids that young should not be outside alone at 8:30.

Those blast from the past calls are something else. lol

Yay for your mom!

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

I know what you mean. My neighbor kids do the same thing. Jalen does not have a be in time. That time is whatever time I choose! LOL Most days it is 730. But she does have a bed times. Even Rome has a bedtime and a be in time! LOL

Keep up the good work with Pooka. You go mom! Enjoy your mini vacation. No technology is always a plus.

Mini me phone time consist of calling Nana and reading her a bedtime story.

blkbutterfly said...

i'd love to have just a day w/o technology. if you can go a whole week w/o it, more power to you!

i agree w/ Freaky. some kids don't have a clue that kids their age have boundaries they don't possess. nevertheless, i'd have looked at her crazy if she asked me those questions too.

hooray for Pooka's promotion!

Ladynay said...

Yep! One whole week!

Nope, her bedtime has been slightly extended due to it being her summer break, but come the end of August she will be back on the same program! LOL

Hopefully Pooka will be a woman of few words over the phone.

Never physically seen my mom when she had the cast on :( Haven't seen her since the surgery :-(

Southern, hopefully her brief convo's will continue on like your's did :-)


A trip indeed. I still haven't called them back yet!

TZ, Rome still has a bedtime????? Girllllllllllll when he gets to college he gone be up all times of night! HAHAHAHAHAHA! I can get with the be in time. He grown, but not that grown! HA!

You enjoy your multi city tour aka vacation coming up as well.

I can see Mini me being a talker.

BB, how come you can't go a day without technology??? One day isn't as hard as you think! Try it one day on a weekend.