Wednesday, June 02, 2010

School/Holiday wkend

Rocks at the moment! I took a test before my last post and failed it...horribly (56%), thus my emotional self was down in the dumps. I was talking to a classmate and she asked me if I checked my grade on blackboard. I told her I wasn't interested since I already knew what I got (we have access to the keys after we finish the exam). Days go by and as I am checking a grade for something else I decide to take a peep at that exam grade. Why that joint say 73%???????? I thought about asking the professor about it just in case it was a typo or maybe she entered someone else's grade under my name...but I left it alone. It's bad. I know. 73 is not a good score, but I'd take it over a 56 any day! LOL!

Kicked butt on my second midterm, but it seems the whole class did well (lowest score 72%) so the test was too easy. I was talking to the second year student that carpools with me and she said expect the final to be hard. *sigh*

Took a midterm today and thus far this is the best grade I've gotten yet with this particular professor. She messed up quite a few questions so I expect them to be thrown out, which will only make my grade higher! YAY!

Tomorrow is another midterm. I feel kinda confident. I will run through the stuff I don't have down solid tonight.

I am so glad my feelings towards school are back on the positive side. Let's see how long they last! LOL!

On an unrelated note...the 2nd year I carpool with has entered into to phase of telling me a lot of stuff that I don't think I am supposed to know! LOL! Today during our ride to and from school she was just telling me A LOT of stuff! About her, her husband, her family, one of her best friends, some classmates, darn near everyone! At one point I asked her why she was telling me this stuff (some stuff was very personal and even though we cool, we not at that point of relaying that kind of info to each other) and her answer was simple....

"I don't know"

Then proceeded to tell me more! LOL! I swear I will blog in the future about meeting her husband and having very ackward moments because I will have to act like I don't know anything beyond the basics about him! *sigh* Why did she do this to me? LOL!

Holiday weekend was ok. Didn't do anything vacation like and rounded me up a speeding ticket before all was said and done! Been a minute since I had one of those written up on me. The cop said if I go to court it's a good chance I could get it reduced due to my clean record. People are telling me that if I go I could get the ticket dropped. I really don't feel like going to court.

Pooka went to NY with her father from Friday to Monday and had a blast! Her father is looking kinda sick and aged. When I asked him about his health he said he got it so I left it alone. I am glad they got to hang out and Pooka got to a chance to hang with her paternal peeps.

Dat's bout it!

Blogger out!


AR Gal said...

I went to the police station for the last ticket I received and had them 'waive' it. I don't think that's the right term but I'll go with that for now. My sole purpose was so my insurance wouldn't increase. As long as I didn't receive another ticket or wasn't involved in an accident it was cleared. That was like ten years ago but that's basically the gist of it. :)

Jameil said...

I'm so glad you're happy about school again!!! YAY!!!! My mom is ALWAYS the person on the receiving end of outrageous information people don't know why they're sharing! So nutty. I rarely am, praaaaaaise JESUS!!! I hope Pooka's dad is okay.

Freaky Deaky said...

They don't have an option to protest the ticket via mail? At the very least protesting the ticket whichever way you do will probably result in the fine being lowered. The last one I got I protested by mail and had it dismissed. :o)

Damn, seems like you have a midterm every other week. Sounds like too much testing for my likes but kick butt because if you don't my belt is ready.

People used to tell me crazy stuff all the time too. Just don't confess any crimes to me and we're straight. LOL

Anonymous said...

I got 2 tickets last year at different times. Both was dropped because of my clean driving record. You better go to court!

blkbutterfly said...

i've only gotten 1 speeding ticket, but couldn't contest it because i'd gotten it while out of town. :-( so, if you can contest it, please do! you need as much $$ as possible.

yep, school (esp. grad or professional school) will do that to you. one minute you're like, i was born for this! and the next you're like, uhm, is Wal-Mart hiring? lol! that being said, i hope this positivity about school stays for a long while. it makes the hard work worth it. oh, and i don't blame you for not saying anything about the grade error. *shrug*

one of my aunts has a tendency to share TMI about people's lives, esp. ppl i don't know and will likely never meet them. it's just part of her personality, i guess.