Friday, July 23, 2010

Blogging just to blog

I think I am a work-a-holic. Well, no...maybe I just like getting decent looking checks and to make that happen I need to be at somebodies job for a good amount of time.

I was supposed to work a full day at the state job today. Was kinda looking forward to the digits on that check next Friday. But Pooka came down with a tummy ache and needed to rest. Her health is more important than anything. Silver lining: if she wakes up at a decent hour (it's 11:30 and she is still out like a light) I can take her to work with me still making a few hours and the $$$ I paid to have Pooka in camp today can get applied to her care during the school year! YAY!

I don't go back to school for 3 weeks! I have a loose plan of what I will be doing! My step mothers family goes to Myrtle Beach for a week every summer. It's their tradition. They are driving there Monday and me and mine plan to meet them there the same day. My birthday party is the Sunday before so the time the party ends will determine what time we leave on Monday! LOL! I am not sure if I can be around my father for an entire week so at the moment I am thinking I may bring it on back to NC on Wednesday. We will see.

For good reason, my step mother thinks my father is cheating on her. I am not surprised. I wonder if she ever asked him why his first two marriages didn't work out. Knowing him he would have lied anyway. *shrug* My father is an asshole and doesn't deserve my step mother. I told her so. She told me that my sister (from his second marriage) told her the same thing! *sigh*.

After I get back from the beach I plan to work and spend time at the buck fiddy movie theater. There are a few movies that Pooka, Snookums, and I haven't seen that are playing so I can see a few trips there in my future. I haven't seen my mom since her surgery so I might drive up to say hi next weekend. Which will serve double purpose because Pooka's dad wants to hang out with her next weekend. Sidenote: Babydaddy stopped by my grandmothers job this week, just to say hi. Weird! LOL! When I asked him why he did that he just said he was in the area and thought it would be a nice thing to do. I don't buy that 100% but whatever.

The weekend after that is my biannual family reunion. Thankfully this year it is in Raleigh and less than 5 miles from my place! I am not really in a family reunion mode, but I paid for it so I'm going! :-)

The last week of my vacation I am planning to work a full 40hr week. With all the traveling and Pooka's next school year coming up fast I need to have my $$$ right to take care of everything. Fun stuff! One good thing is that I already had most of the stuff on Pooka's school supply list from last year! YAY!

In other news: my family and friends are not having great times in their lives. I was telling Snookums last night that I wish I could find a big, bright, pink happy pill with sparkles on it and have everyone take a piece of it. The last couple of weeks I have heard my share of Lifetime network and Discovery Health type stories and I am just about filled to capacity. It's weird because I am no where close to being a psychiatrist, psychologist, or counselor so I never have the right words to say when they drop their verbal load. All I do is provide a shoulder, a hug, say "Damn that sucks", and "I couldn't imagine what that's like". My aunt called me up last night to dump and I had to cut her short and told her that everyone has a story that sucks right about now and we all just have to pull our grown folks underwear up and do what we can to make it through. I hope she didn't get offended. I just couldn't listen to anymore stories right then. Maybe I will call her and see how things are going today. *shrug*

Since I probably will not blog again till after the birthday. I will use this part of my blog to celebrate me! :-D

This is a picture of a picture of me in the hospital...

...and this is me almost 30 years later!

I haven't loss my awesomeness or my cuteness if I do say so myself! *cheese*


Monique said...

Lord I know this break is much needed for you. I feel like I've been along for the entire ride and I'm exhausted too. Enjoy it and make your money. I hope Pooka feel better soon. Po' baby.

When you look at your life, it does make you appreciate the blessings you have, even the small ones. Some people aren't as fortunate and we certainly have to keep them encouraged. I wish we could help them but I guess our prayers will have to suffice.

Ladynay said...

Yeah I am going to do what I can to enjoy it. It is the only 3 week break in the whole program!

Pooka just woke up (at 5:08pm) and she says that she feels a little better :-( I hate it when she is sick.


Freaky Deaky said...

Pooka's tummy is hating on your wallet. :o( Glad she's feeling a little better. Seems like she's been having tummy issues for awhile lately. Got any tea or ginger ale?

Yay for vacation!

A big, bright, pink happy pill with sparkles on it and have everyone take a piece of it? Nope! If everyone else gets a piece then I don't want any parts of it. *huffs, folds arms, and walks away*

Ladynay said...

FD, yeah she has been having her share of stomach issues recently. I need more tea and ginger ale. Guess I need to keep that stuff in supply.

It just wasn't meant for me to go to work today :-(

You can't have all of the happy pill pieces! LOL!

Freaky Deaky said...

Aww, I just want to squeeze those chubby wubby cheeks! Early Happy Birthday to you!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Wow! You have been dealing with a LOT! Glad Pooka is feeling better! I want in on the happy pill too!
*DEAD*@ "Lifetime network and Discovery Health type stories"

I know what you mean about family, you feel all weighted down listening and it's frustrating when you can't help.

I LOVE the movies! Enjoy the movies.
and Happy B-day!!!

AR Gal said...

I need to get another job to double up on savings just in case SSI benefits run out before we all get old and feeble. LOL

Some of my family and I visited Myrtle Beach (briefly) back in 2000. That's on my list of places to go back to. From what I saw, it was quite lovely.

Your poor step mom!! I hope she gets the courage to leave him. No one deserves to be treated like that.

Look at you with all that daggone hair in your baby pic! So cute (then and now)!


blkbutterfly said...

Happy early birthday!

i have the option to work 30 hours/week at my job, but i refuse to work more than the 20 required hours. i think it's because while i stay busy, i'm also bored out of my mind.

enjoy your 3 weeks off!

AR Gal said...

I meant to add that I like the new digs. Very cool.