Monday, August 09, 2010

Vacation is over :-(

For the most part anyways :-(. Right now I am blogging from the state job, which I have not done in a good long while. Since this is my last week of academic freedom I am putting in a full 40 here this week. Not fond of the work, but the check will be lovely and definitely needed.

To break down my last 2 weeks would take one very long entry or several entries neither of which I want to do so I will summarize what I been up to these past couple weeks.

Had a birthday party at my place on the 25th! Good friends and good times! I am fortunate to have wonderful people in my life.

On the 26th my father's fam, Pooka, and I spent a week at the beach. The view from my ocean view room was amazing! Despite me being a fire sign (LEO) I love being around water. An added plus was the daily thunderstorms. The sound of a quiet storm mixed with the sound of the ocean waves crashing was just to good to be true! We did a little bit of shopping, the kids hit the pool everyday, and I got into a hot tub for the very first time...LOVED IT! I told Pooka when she buys me a house it has to have a hot tub in it! LOL! The room I was in was like a condo so we brought food to save $$$. I still made use of the bar and restaurant where we stayed. The food was reasonably priced if you went during certain hours. The drinks were ok and the bartender hooked me up with a free shot that tasted like skittles. Yum! Surprisingly enough my father was on pretty good behavior during our stay. I was relieved!

After the beach I came home, took a nap, went to work, got home, took another nap, then hit the road to see my momma and 'em. This trip was one of the worst trips I've ever made there! Normally it takes me about 4 hours from door to door. This trip took 6.5 hours! Traffic was bad in places it usually isn't and then the route I usually take in DC was blocked off for construction! This would not have been so bad if I didn't have to pee and there were detour signs around! In my frustration I called Babydaddy (I was dropping Pooka off at his place first) to find out another way I could to his place and what he told me made me cringe. He said I had to drive through downtown DC! UGH! I HATE that with a passion. When I lived in the DMV whenever I wanted to go downtown I took the bus or metro! I HATE driving through downtown DC! *sigh* So as I am slowly losing my mind I drive by every.freakin'.tourist EVER. I could really give a crap about them wanting to take pics of the sites. I just wanted a bathroom and to get out the car! Then of course Pooka chimes in that she has to go and could barely hold it. Wonderful! I was NOT going to stop in the DC chaos so I kept driving till I got to a store. Bladders get relieved, Pooka gets dropped off, I go get some fast food.

Being that I was in the DMV and not N. Raleigh I pulled out my handy dandy club.

I was aware that my key was on my other set of keys in NC, but you can manipulate the club like you want to as long as you don't lock it. I've done it before. No problem. *sigh* So I get my grub from the restaurant, hop in my car, put my food down, and try to take off the club. It wouldn't move! It was LOCKED!!!!! Oh happy day!!!!! It took everything within me no to just break down and cry. I had had enough for the day. I fiddle with it and fiddle with it and even tried to drive with it and nothing was working. The issue finally was solved by bending it with a crowbar. When I got to my moms house I was just over done! My visit with my mom and 'em went pretty good. My drive back was better, not much, but a lot less drama.

Last week I went to work and got off early to take care of odds and ends. Renewed my license and all that stuff you have to take care of during the week crap. Caught Maury on more than a few days and LOVED IT! How about I went to the bank on Thursday (I think) to get money for the weekend and the teller tells me that my account was in the negative! *scrrreeeeeeechhhhhh* She said that an amount was going to debit from my account that night but couldn't pull up what it was. We talk about what I would need to do in case someone got a hold of my account info, I put a watch on my account, and I leave. At about 12:01 am on Friday I logged onto my account to see that one of my pay checks bounced!!!!! WTH!!! Then saw that my other check that was supposed to direct deposit did not deposit!!! OMG! Soon as I got to work that Friday I called all the folks I needed to ummmm lay hands on and got my money issues in order. I just deposited the replacement check at lunch today so we will see what happens to it! This situation has never happened to me before. I am just thankful I didn't spend that money before the check cleared! Geesh!

This past Friday started my family reunion. After work I went to show face at the meet and greet cookout. It was about over by time I got there, but it was all good. Saturday morning was the family breakfast. Good food, good times. After breakfast I had to wash Pooka's uniform for her Tae Kwon Do exam that afternoon. By time I left the laundromat it was pretty much time to take her to the exam. I managed to make it with minutes to spare! YAY! She did awesome as always. From Sept-Dec she is going to take a break from Tae Kwon Do cuz mommy just can't afford it. We talked about it and she was cool with taking a break for awhile. That made me feel so much better.

When we got home from testing it was time to get ready for my family reunion banquet. This year there was a 70's theme. Pooka and I didn't have any 70's gear so we just put on whatever and went! LOL! Again, good times, good times indeed! I love my family. There isn't any group of folks like them that I know of! LOL!

We got home late Saturday night and chilled on Sunday. My house is a mess but I'll get to it eventually. At least that's what I keep telling myself. :-)

So now we are at today. It's about quarter after 2 and I would love to leave this desk and go home. But it don't work like that. I have deemed this week Hebrew slave week because I am putting in 40 at the state job and 20 at the group home. Momma got bills to pay! :-)

Guess I should do some work now.


K. Rock said...

LOL at the club locking on you. I am sure it wasn't funny to you at the time though. I have definitely had those times when I just wanted to let the tears go. And happy belated birthday!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Hebrew slave week? The Jamaican workaholic side of you will be jealous that you left them out. :o(

Why exactly did you put the Club on if you weren't going to (or couldn't) lock it? Glad it came off.

I'm a fan of hot tubs and want one as well. Any chance of Pooka getting me one after she hooks you up?

GorgeousPuddin said...

Sounds like fun times minus the ones that weren't!!

I love family reunions when everybody is cool and the food is good.

I was wondering why you put that Club on without the key too! It was a disaster waiting to happen with murphy's law and all...

And that paycheck fiasco, man that happened to me one time. I did not understand how a paycheck from a major place of business could bounce! This ain't personal checking! LOL!

You better than me cause I would have been boohooing like a fool!

AR Gal said...

I just knew when you said you left the key in NC that daggone club was going to lock. I would have been in serious tears.

It's been about eight years since I was in the DMV but one thing I remember is that DT DC traffic was nooooo joke. Traffic in general was no joke but DT was the worst

Ladynay said...

K.Rock, nothing was funny when it was all going down :-( Thanks my birthday was happy!

FD, they will be alright, LOL! Putting it on was a deterrent. Yeah I know if someone wanted to steal my car they could/would anyway, but anything that will make them pause is a plus in my book.

All additional Pooka fundage goes to me! :-D

Puddin, 95% of my family functions are fun and filling :-)

I have used the club plenty of times without locking it. That day was just my day to learn a lesson.

I thought the same thing re:pay checks till last week! I am still waiting to make sure the replacement check clears before I spend any of that $$$! :-(

ARgal, I was close, but I had to focus on getting the danggone thing off my steering wheel.


Jameil said...

Make that money, honey, but don't let that money make you!! Wise words from the strip club. Glad you had fun! Now back to school you go!!

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