Thursday, September 16, 2010

*sigh* big girl to big girl....

Dear confident big girl:

I love that you are feeling sexy and bold enough to make a video of yourself showing how you feel inside. I am not sure if your intentions were to be on You Tube or on my friends facebook page, but you are and I feel compelled to talk to you. Big girl to big girl.

1. If you are going to film or take pics that you wouldn't want your boss to see...leave your face out of it. Shoot, even if you gotta an SO and you sending them a lil something something still leave your face out or blocked. Relationships end and people will do things to embarrass you when they mad at you.

2. If you're going to to the sexy underwear thing. Make sure everything matches. Even if you couldn't find a set that fit right (Ashley Stewart and Catherine's will hook you up), put something together that at least looks like it could be a set. At the very least you could have had the bra and panties matching!

3. If you are going to record yourself. Have your hair right. It don't have to be a fancy style. Your hair is short enough to grab a hand full of brown gel, slick it all back, and be decent for your video. That attempt at a ponytail was sad luv. This is especially important if you were doing this for a boo. People (esp. men) are very visual creatures and if the purpose was to entice you have to have your visual display on point. Top to bottom.

4. If you was just bored and wanted to see what you looked like dancing that's cool. But next time after you tape it. Watch it. Then erase it. If you don't, you could end up on You Tube!

I am not hating on you sister. I know how it gets sometimes. Really I do. It's just that as big girls we have to flaunt our sexy a little bit different than our smaller framed sisters. Now send me your email address so I can send you some Ashley Stewart coupons.

Your sister in buffet line,


Ladynay said...

Upon further inspection I now know she has her own you tube channel of sorts and thousands of subscribers that LOVE her.

Dear big girl fans:

I love you. Without people like you who love females like us, I would be a single virgin. But please...require more from your big girl. Don't let her make a bad video and then praise her for it! Ummmmkay? Great!


GorgeousPuddin said...

I'm so upset right now! I have not looked at the video! The picture was horrid enough! I'm mad at her fans. And I'm mad at you!!!

Whay you do dat???? My eyes are bleeding right now Bwhahahahahhaahahahaha!

AR Gal said...

As bad as I want to press play, I'm going to show some restraint and wait until I get home. But just so you know, I reeeeaaaaallly want to watch. LOL

I shall return latah!

K. Rock said...

My fell out of the sockets just from the screenshot. I just can't....go any further.

Freaky Deaky said...

I've seen much worse looking chicks get sweated by thirsty dudes on the Internet. Thanks for killing any erection I had hopes of having today. :o(

I'm so with you on #4. I'm tired of women knowing they're going to be recording something, on TV, etc. and not combing their damn hair! Ugh!

As for the rest of the stuff if the video is being sent to me then ignore #1 and #4. If your booty is right I really won't notice or care about #2.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Just wanted to say I could have done without that one!

Co-signing the I'm mad at you remark!


Somethings are just not meant to be my eyes!

AR Gal said...

After watching, the only thing I can say is GREAT ADVICE!!!

Oh and that I'm glad I waited until after work to watch this. LOL