Monday, September 20, 2010


Okay, it's 5:19 p.m. I am at my desk at the state job getting set up to leave and my cell phone starts to vibrate. It's an Raleigh area number that I don't recognize but I pick up anyway.



"May I ask who's calling?"

"Hey girl it K-Digga!"

Okay. For those that have been following the blog. K-Digga and Whitebrotha came to live with me many, many years ago. I blogged all about that situation. Mess! So anyways, about a year or so ago K-Digga called me out the blue like she did today to basically update me on what was going on with her (leaving WB, moving to Raleigh, etc...) I had called her back a little after that and the number was disconnected so I hadn't heard from her since...till today.

After a few OMG's I asked her how she was doing. She says she's 5 months pregnant. Now those who remember my K-digga entries you know that she is always "pregnant". So I laugh on the inside and ask her the typical baby questions (due date, morning sickness, blah blah blah) she tells me everything and then I ask her if it was by the dude she was seeing when she called me a year or so ago.


I pause. "I KNOW it ain't WB!"

She laughs hard "Nah, you know he moved to VA right?"

"What in the world is he doing in VA?"

"He is engaged to that girl he got the baby with."

*record scratch*

I am silently in shock for a good while.

"Ladynay, you there?"

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?????????" finally comes out my mouth.

K-Digga is laughing "Oh you didn't know huh?"

I look at the clock, ask KD if this was a good number to hit her back on when I got home and hung up. Soon as I fed Pooka I called the number back to finish this conversation.

See. I don't know if I ever blogged about Whitebrotha's baby momma or not because all the mess me and her went through blew up and settled before I even started to blog. Very long story shorter. Keep in mind that this summary happened over the course of a couple of years so if I tell this story over again in the future I may leave stuff out or mention something not mentioned in this entry. Mmmmmmmmmmkay, great!

I was dating Babydaddy. Whitebrotha, one of Babydaddy's boys, was dating...what should I call her...ummm That Girl. Okay. The four of us used to hang out a lot. That Girl loses her place and moves in with Babydaddy and I. Do I even have to type what happens? LOL! Babydaddy and That Girl started sexing on the side. That Girl also had a few other side dishes. That Girl gets pregnant. She tells WB, Babydaddy, and the other side dishes that they the daddy (Maury! Maury! Maury!) they've all been up in that recently so they all believe that they the daddy. She and I are preggo at the same time, but she is due before me. That Girl tells me one evening that Babydaddy was her son's father. I get mad.

I leave the house to take a very long walk. During this walk all the pieces to the shit I been noticing but kept quiet about fell into place. I get back and she is still there. Babydaddy is now in the living room. We have a very "interesting conversation". I was soo mad I was super calm (if I am so mad I am super calm or start crying, run) By the end of this "talk" there was a hole in the wall (c/o Babydaddy) and I had slid my engagement ring across the table towards her and told her she could have it, Babydaddy, the apartment, and all the other shit that came with it! Looking back I wish this was on tape somewhere! LOL!

This happened on a Tuesday night. Wednesday morning comes and That Girl is no where to be found. Turns out she left all her belongings in the apartment, hopped on a Greyhound bus, and went to her families house in VA. Been there ever since. How about she told her family that she was afraid for her life because I had threatened to kill her and the baby. (BS! I never said or even stating anything close to that) Anywho. I tell Whitebrotha. Whitebrotha pretty much didn't care because the relationship was abusive (she was beating him) and was getting uglier by the day. The end of their relationship was BAD. Somehow him and Babydaddy remained cool.

There was/is this website that new mom's use to order more hospital pix of the baby. After I heard her son was born I hopped online to see him. Soon as I saw him I knew it was WB's. It didn't look like Babydaddy or the other men I knew of that could have been the father. I told them all where to find the picture so they could look for themselves. I know it took BD a long time before he looked it up. Whitebrotha went st8 into "it ain't mine" mode. LOL! Don't know about the other dudes.

When Babydaddy and I finally ended, Babydaddy moved to DC. After awhile he found That Girl trying to get back up in and he met the kid. Babydaddy called me that night and told me that he was now 100% sure the boy wasn't his and that he looked just like WB! Duh! I told his butt that years ago when the baby was born!*smh* He also said that That Girl wanted WB to terminate his parental rights. She also said that she had had a nervous breakdown and doesn't remember anything about that night before she left NC. (BS) There are a ton of details left out but that's a pretty decent summary.

So I call K-digga back and she basically said that late last year while her and WB were married *eyeroll* Babydaddy had came down and gave WB That Girl's number per That Girl's request. Apparently she wanted her son to start a relationship with WB. Badda bing badda boom WB is now living with and engaged to That Girl. We chit chat about other things and hung up. I immediately called Babydaddy and asked if he knew his old homeboy was living in VA now and was engaged to That Girl. He didn't want to believe me! LOL! He knew that WB was building a relationship with his son and was coming to VA to see him from time to time, but didn't know he moved there and put a ring on it! LOL! He, like I, thought it was crazy considering how their relationship ended years ago. But oh well. Not our problem. I hope BD get's invited to the wedding so BD can take pix and send them to me! HA!

K-Digga told me that she saw a current pic of their son on WB's facebook page by way of a girl her and WB were cool with and saw how WB had been talking smack online about her. K-Digga doesn't have a fb page *sigh*. I had never thought to look up anybody from that realm of my life till tonight. After we hung up I looked them up and of course they both have their photos set to private. :-( Their wall is public and they are the typical mushy bout to be married couple *gag* The nosey part of me reallllllly wants to see what their son is looking like now. Like I said, the only picture I've seen was the hospital pic 9 years ago.

That Girl looks the same. Very pretty for a backstabbing s.o.b.! LOL! WB's profile pic is him playing golf. When the heck did he start playing golf? LOL! Part of me wants to friend WB so I can see the pics but I don't want That Girl snoopin' round my fb page. LOL!

One thing K-Digga said to me tonight that I thought was sweet was that her living with me those few months taught her that if she wanted something, she had to get off her tookus and get it! She also stated that she admired the way I've always been able to hold my own and considered me one of the few strong, black women she knows. Wow! It's hard to believe someone who lies quite often, but it was still pretty nice to hear!


Ladynay said...

KD and WB moved in with me in late August of 2005!

Jameil said...

My head is spinning from all the drama. For real? I can't.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said... me their info Im gonna friend them! LOL I have gots to see this shyt

GorgeousPuddin said...

I am... I don't know. WOW! I admire you so much more after that post. I truly would be blogging from...jail!

AR Gal said...

Good ole' KD and WB! There's soooo much history there!

I'm with JC, email the info. Damn the kid, I just want to see what the main players look like. LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

I always thought That Girl was supposed to be oogly ugly. Now I want to see what she looks like. You are better than me. I'd either black out and wake up with two dead bodies handcuffed to a hospital bed or I'd look for something to kill them and start counting down their last minutes. LOL.

On a side note, you must have had the same number for years.

Anonymous said...

My head hurts now.

I would have stomped a mud hole in Babydaddy. Glad to know yall move on from that since you two have a child. But that night I found out about him and That Girl, it would have been on!

And I'm nosey too. I want to see them too. lol

blkbutterfly said...

This story is just...

you're better than me, because i will act a fool over the mere appearance of impropriety, let alone the actual act.

and like everyone else, i need to put names with faces! :-)

Ladynay said...

Yep. Lots and lots of drama in my past. I prefer to not put their pics on my blog.