Friday, September 24, 2010

Range of emotions in less than 24 hrs

Yesterday, 11 p.m. woke up from an hour "power nap". Thought it was Friday morning. Wipe drool from page I was using as a pillow and finish studying. Felt awake and ready to go!

3 a.m. stop studying and go to bed.

5 a.m. get up, do the morning thing.

9 a.m. take the last of 3 finals for my spine/TMJ section of class. Felt good.

11:30. leave campus. Plan to pick up check from mailbox, deposit it, then go to state job. Felt confident.

12:30. find no mail in mailbox. Was okay, the latest the mail comes is around 1:30ish. No prob.
1:30. still no mail. Felt a little irritable.

2:30. still no mail. Was bout to go off on the USPS. They messed up my $ game 2 weeks ago with this crap!

3 p.m. make it to state job. Was going to stay home but sitting at home babysitting the mailbox was making me more mad by the minute. 2 hours is better than 0 hours right?

4:50 p.m. check final grade posted online for spine course. Got an 83 on the dot. 82s and below have to take the course over next year. Glory! *insert praise dance*

5 p.m. leave state job. If the powers that be worked in my favor I could go home where my check would be and get to the bank and cash it before the bank closed at 5:30. I don't live far from the state job. Felt hopeful.

5:24 p.m. deposit check. Postal service better be lucky because I already started drafting a letter in my head. Felt a lot better.

5:45 p.m. pick up Pooka and pick up a few groceries. Felt back to normal.
6ish. Pooka offers to cook the spaghetti for dinner. I brown the beef and tell her to have at it! :-) Felt loved.

6:15 p.m. Get on FB and see a wall posting from my classmate stating that she was freaking out because we will have to treat real patients in 3 months. THREE MONTHS! Why did she have to bring that to my attention????? 3 months is no time! OMG! In the beginning of January 2011 real people, with real pain will come to the hospital that I will be "working", tell me that their xyz hurts...and I have to make it better! Holy Crap!!!! Felt and still like I have been hit by a bus! This is real. I am going to be out there doing my thing with real people in pain. Real people!!!! When you mess up practicing with your classmates it's all good. There is no "oops!" with real people! OMG!

In 3 months I need to get my dental issues taken care of (I have a tooth missing in the front), and lose a million pounds! I have a ton of nice "clinic attire" but I can't wear most of it!




Jameil said...

LOL! Girl! Relax! You know your stuff so it's all going to come together once you get in there and get a few sessions under control.

Jameil said...


Ladynay said...

Jameil, that's what folks keep saying. I hope you guys are right.

You know that building where the girl collasped and died yesterday? Well I stay locked down in the basement of that building all the time.:-( We have time to actually roam the campus once in a blue moon! Which I think is intentional on the faculty's part because if we get exposed to the outside too much we may never come back in! HAHA!

Freaky Deaky said...

So January is when I can get in your pockets, huh? *types it into my calendar* Oh yeah.

Try to get an outfit a month, something basic that you can mix and match and dress up or dress down. Just make sure you have some comfy shoes so you can run up to my truck when I honk my horn. :oD

I'd still write that letter anyway. Your regular carrier could be on vacation or you may have an inconsistent new carrier. Enough complaints and he/she can be "encouraged" to be more consistent in when you receive your mail.

Ladynay said...

I will not be getting paid on my clinicals so you may as well erase that note! LOL

I don't have the funds to buy an outfit a month :-( Maybe a item a month, but not an outfit.

I may consider it. I can't stand when folks mess with my fam or my $$$

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

I concur, messing with the $$$ is a no no

Check out my blog! Feel free to comment!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I had to google Elon. Wow!!! voted most beautiful campus. I would always try to study outside near that fountain.

From what I've read you handle your business! So you got this!

You should send the letter anyway or call the post office to put a fire under them. You need your money on time no delay's and they need to know that!

blkbutterfly said...

you'll be fine, when the time comes. i'm sure your department would not have you start at that time if you all weren't ready. but, i understand the feeling. i felt the same way when i started teaching.

i agree with Freaky. i would write a letter to the post office anyway.

as far as the clothes and the dental issue, just take small steps to get ready for that. try and catch those sales...