Saturday, October 23, 2010


I'm at work trying to avoid studying for the 4 tests in 4 days I got coming Tues-Fri.

My left foot is asleep.

My coworker insists that the TV stays on TruTV as he does his school work in another room.

My cousin has started to transition into her apartment. I was starting to want to sleep in my bed sans Pooka so the transition came at a good time. I let her keep the key just in case either one of us got into a situation where her having access to my home or someone nearby having a spare key would be beneficial.

My check came on Friday at 6:28pm. I am not used to getting my check this late, but at least it has been coming consistently.

After work this morning I went to the Super Mart of Wal to pick up some groceries. I parked the car, opened my door, and put my left foot out when my phone went off. As I sent a reply text I apparently put my car keys down in the cup holder. *eyeroll* I hit send, got out the car, locked then closed the door. *sigh* Thank God for Triple A! Definitely worth the money! This makes the fiddy leventh time I've locked myself out the car! I told my cousin about what happened once I got home and she told me that her Honda does not allow you to lock yourself out. You can only lock the car from the outside! The next time I am on the hunt for another vehicle I will be aiming for a vehicle with this feature for sure! LOL

I would like to learn about various beers. A few of my classmates are serious beer drinkers. They have long conversations about this kind of beer and that kind of beer. If you can't find it in the grocery store, I know nothing about it! HA!

Speaking of drinks. I am trying very hard not to become a daily coffee drinker. Normally I will have a taste for coffee, drink it for about a week then go a few months without it. The vacation time between coffee cravings are getting shorter and shorter. There has to be a better drink (outside of water) to get attached too!

The state fair is here. I was excited at first, but now not so much. I was going to take Pooka Sunday after I worked the states vendor booth, but Pooka decided that she'd rather go to the country with my step mom. I was surprised when she told me, but taking her to the country was cheaper than taking her to the fair so I was all for a change of plans! LOL


Jameil said...

Avoiding it? Hm... sounds like a good idea... That will probably make it go away! Keep doing that! What an irritating coworker. OMG my childhood best friend once locked himself out of the car WITH THE CAR RUNNING twice in a week while we were in h.s. I laughed AND LAUGHED AND LAUGHED!! LOL. Awful. But I'm extra cognizant of it now. If you want to learn about beer, go to a brewery. There are a few in NC. Also, there are often beer clubs that give tutorials. The grocery store actually has a pretty good selection sometimes depending on the store. Much better than it used to have. There's no better drink than water but I get your need for an addiction drink. it is increasingly difficult for me to stay from coffee but I don't like the way it makes me feel so that helps.

Freaky Deaky said...

Yeah, you need to work on the whole key issue. A suggestion would be to don't put your keys down until after you've left the call. I'm sure the text wasn't worth the wait and frustration.

Can't you get that check direct deposited or pick it up yourself? Mailing it isn't working out very well. It would always be in your account on time.

Ugh beer.

Maybe Pooka didn't think she could kick all the Albinos she'd encountered. *smirks*

Errant said...

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K. Rock said...

Umm NayNay....Imma need you to work on that whole key situation. YOu are gonna need to get a hold on that. No mor stories about locking keys in the car umkay?

AR Gal said...

I would suggest one of those hide-a-way things where you place the key by the tire but hell folks steal too much for that these days.

Where do you keep the spare key for your car? Maybe try keeping it in your purse at all times just in case.

blkbutterfly said...

I've never been a coffee drinker, but I have been tempted lately. i'm trying not to indulge, though because i can see myself getting hooked on it and spending waaay too much money.

even though i have car lock-out service, i'm extra nervous about locking my keys in my car. paying that lock out fee once was enough for me.

the state fair came and went. but, there's the Austin fair in a few weeks. i'm looking forward to it.