Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ups and Downs

-the zipper busted on my favorite jeans this week. Like I needed a reminder of my weight. *sigh* I have been taking advantage of the gym access we have at school so I'm still in the process of "the get right plan". Can't wait to see some real results!

-since coming of Depo my hormones have been everywhere, no need to go into details but let's just say my body is still having a hard time reaching homeostasis :-(

-Pooka and I went to see WWE Raw when it came to Raleigh last week. I have added Randy Orton to my "he could get it list". I've seen him on tv plenty of times and had no reaction, but when he came out on Monday I was like "hellllllllllllllo nurse!" LOL! Maybe it was the sleeves...maybe it was the facial hair...maybe it's part of the hormone roller coaster I mentioned earlier...I don't know, I just know he was looking delicious! LOL!

-my tutor is AMAZING! Since I've been talking things through with her and focusing my time on neuro (great for me, sucks for my SO and friends) my grades have sky rocketed back to where I am accustomed to them being! We have 2 weekly quizzes every Friday. This past Friday I only got ONE wrong total! *stir that soup dance here*

-work hard play hard. Since I've been getting it in on the academic level lately this weekend is dedicated to play! Tonight I am going to Elon to party with some classmates. Two of my classmates decided to start a relationship last year. Today is the females birthday. The guy planned a surprise party for her at his house. He's gonna take her out and do all the typical birthday stuff then when they get back to his place our class plus some extra folks are going to be there! She is gonna cry and it's gonna be awesome! Mark my words, they will be engaged before we graduate! Tomorrow I'm going to spend some time with my local crew and play cards. I haven't seen or spoke to that crew in awhile due to my focus elsewhere, so I'm excited to catch back up with them.

-Monday I'm back on the grind. Week 9 of 16! Over half way done with neuro! Now that I'm actually starting to understand the material and put pieces together I like it! The human body is an amazing unit!

-Pooka tests for her next TKD belt today. She's excited, so am I. Maybe I'll add a clip of her doing her thing when we get home.


Freaky Deaky said...

Was it the type that zip in the back? I think those are hot, especially if worn with some cute, sparkly little panties underneath. What?!

I don't know what the whole hormones thingy mean. Methinks I probably don't want to know either.

You have a thing for those married WWE wrestlers don't you? Hope your man doesn't RKO you for that. *snickers*

Oh my, Pooka gets another step closer to becoming a full fledged albino stomping ninja. :o(

blkbutterfly said...

sorry about the Depo side effects. when i went off the Nuvaring, my body thanked me!

Go, Pooka! :-)

Good job on pulling your grades back up. I'm glad you were able to find a great tutor.

Monique said...

You've certainly been busy. Keep up that good work with school.

Ugh don't even talk about weight. I've hit a plateau and this sucks.

AR Gal said...

Booo at the zipper. Thank goodnes for needle and thread (and in my case other people that know how to use them well)!

I had to Google Randy O. He scared me. LOL!

Tutors are a wonderful thing.

"The human body is an amazing unit!"
Isn't it though?! So intricate, fragile and capable of so much.

Me said...

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