Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 thumbs pointed my way

Who is going to have a free lunch and dinner tomorrow?

Who is going to have leftover dinner for lunch Friday?

Who is going to see Cars 2 this weekend *I'm borrowing Lsbnmom's son*?

Who is getting a brand new fridge care of my landlords?

Who earned 2 and a fraction of a day of vacation time that's going to be paid in my last check?

Who is blogger allowing to post with one click again?


It's the little things.


Freaky Deaky said...

*pats you on the head & plays that cheering kids sound all the urban radio stations use*

It's Cars 2 but based on the earnings I'm sure there will be a 3.

Sucks that you need a new fridge but yeah that you're getting one.

Can I get $50? Did your cousin pay you back your money?

Why is my word verification combuy? Your blog is nasty! *giggles*

Jameil said...

You betta do it!!!

Ladynay said...

FD, :D I could have sworn that I've seen 2 Cars movies already! The change has been made. Thanks!

Yep! It's supposed to come sometime tomorrow! I hope it's a decent one, but knowing my landlords it's gonna be the most basic one they can find!

No that heffa didn't pay me back! Don't get me started!

Get out the gutter man!

Jameil, I am!:D Now you go ahead and start trying to go to sleep! YAY!

GorgeousPuddin said...

That sounds FANTASTIC!!! Have a ball!