Tuesday, June 28, 2011

She set me up!

My administrator and manager called a meeting to disscuss legislative changes. At the end of the meeting my administrator asked if anyone had questions or concerns. Nobody spoke. She asked if anyone had some good news. Nobody spoke. Bad news. Noboby spoke. Then she says...

Ladynay, don't you have some news to share? Then of course everyone in the room looks at me.


"Do you want me to tell them or do you want to do it?" asks my administrator

*sigh* "You set me up so I don't have much of a choice" as I laugh it off. Then I tell them Friday is going to be my last day.

It wasn't supposed to go down like that. My plan was to randomly disappear. I told her that when I sat in her office last week. I specifically told her not to say anything. She said she wouldn't. So I guess she figured if she was gonna keep her word she'd set me up so I would have to say it and not her.

She set me up! ROFL!


The Goddess said...

Wow!!! I think I'd be a little bugged about that. lol She definitely planed that one out.

Freaky Deaky said...

You should've said that you saved a lot of money on your car insurance and left. Either that or looked at her like you honestly had no idea what she was talking about.

AR Gal said...

She could have at least thrown a party since she put you on the spot. I'm sure she had good intentions but that was rude to go against your wishes. I don't understand why some people don't think you actually mean what you say.

Ladynay said...

Goddess, I know right! LOL

FD, I wish I would have thought of the GEICO line, that would have been spot on!

AR, The lunch is tomorrow. :) There is no such thing as leaving under the radar unless you get fired so I guess I'm okay with the cat coming out the bag early.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

She did that because she and they all are going to miss you. You set the standard!