Saturday, June 25, 2011

6/25/05 = when this relationship started

I actually remember the day I started my blog. I was in my night clothes laying on the floor with my laptop getting frustrated at the fact that all the names I wanted to use were taken already. I finally found one that was available, titled my first entry "The beginning of a beautiful relationship" or something like that, and the rest is history. Six years and 994 blogs entries later I am still going at it! WOW!
I remember a time when I used to blog everyday. It would be the first thing I did in the morning at the state job or when I got home that night. There would be some days I would blog two or three times in a day! I was addicted. Then Trent started doing audio shows that I couldn't listen to at work so I'd get up an extra hour early just to hear his latest show. WOW! I still love me some Trent but not get up even earlier love anymore, LOL!
I was curious to know who was the first person to comment on my blog was that still commented now. Technically it was Teezie, but she don't count because I've known TZ since the 90's, wayyyyyy before I started this blog in '05. For the first year the only folks that commented were folks that knew me already or spam! LOL!
Turns out on 2/2/06 I got a comment from the one and only, paper ripper extraordinaire.....JAMEIL! The one that is about to get married in less than a RASHAN!!!!! *so so so so excited* What? You didn't know? Now you do!
I would give her a prize but since I'm sending a wedding gift I'm just gonna mesh the meanings behind the gift, ROFL!
I want to thank everyone for reading, commenting and following me throughout this blog of mine. I blog for me, but it's much more fun when you have comments to read. I have met some really great people from blogging so far and I'm curious to know how many more I will meet before my last blog entry.
You guys ROCK!
Now for a few notes on last nights concert....
-Keisha Cole should never sing "I'm going down"
-KC out performed Marsha A. *sigh* and the Pied Piper put them both to shame
-MA's set was only 30 mins and 10 of those was spent singing and dancing to other peoples music. She didn't even sing her latest track! WTH?
-The sound crew and KC's wardrobe people need to be fired, ASAP!
-Kells got some very, very, very, very nice lips. I have a crush on his lips, yep, just his lips. MMMMMMMMM
-The show was okay, but overall I was disappointed


Jameil said...

Happy Bloggerversary!! Yay me! That's so cool! Not cool? That concert. Really??? Fail.

LsbnMom said...

Glad I didnt waste my money on the show... I am sure the after party was fun though!

Ladynay said...

Jameil, Yay you!

J&LM, from looking at the news feed of my facebook page of folks that went last night, I am the only one who felt the way I did so you guys may have thought differently as well.

LM, you couldn't have paid me to go any of those after parties! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Happy bloggerversary!

So how long did you stand out back in the groupie line? *giggles*

blkbutterfly said...

Happy belated bloggerversary! Over 900 posts? wow... *looking at my 367 sadly*

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

I want my prize for still posting! LOL You go girl! I am glad that other people got to know how great a friend and person you are! Keep up the good work!

And blogs should not be how people get updated on you life. That is so 2010. LOL