Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How do the Housewives of whatever city do it?

I have been on holiday break from school and work since Friday and I am BORED!!!!!!!!!!

The house is clean. I made a big meal for me and the kid to eat off of till we hit the hwy. The internet only has but so much to look at, I've exercised on the trail and been "Just Dancing"/MJ experiencing daily. I organised closets and threw away stuff. I've called people I haven't spoken to in awhile to catch up. I've cleaned my car out. Now what?

I guess if I had some decent money and lived like the "housewives" I could call everyone over to have a spa day in my personal spa or something! LOL!

Oh well.

Other than my boredom life has been the same for the most part. I got a Christmas card in the mail from Snookums and it was very nice. It will probably be the only physical card I get this year and I am cool with that. I have never been one to send holiday cards. I may do a birthday card here and there but that's about it.

Sometimes it's hard not to miss him.

I reactivated one of my online dating accounts. I have learned that what I want does not exist. I put what I want in the search engine and literally no results come back! LOL! That's a sign I need to focus on me!

While surfing the web I saw a new pic of J. Hudson. She is really shedding the poundage. I think she should stop but most people think you're a "hater" when you are big and say someone is losing too much. *shrug*

Pooka and I are going to MD for Christmas like we always do! I am excited! We don't have plans and probably won't do much, but it's being in the house I grew up in with my family that means a lot to me. Speaking of Christmas...I had the Santa Clause talk with Pooka and this lil rugrat chose NOT to believe me!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I was not expecting that reaction but whatever! She is going to middle school next year *OMG* and I didn't want her to go in still thinking there was a Santa. Now don't get me wrong...I have never endorsed the idea of Santa but I never discouraged it either. Just like the tooth fairy.

Being that I am still a student, December is a hard month for me financially. It sucks that I can't really provide gifts to those that I would love to give gifts to. Especially when I know a few folks that are going to get me something even though they know I am not buying gifts for anyone outside of Pooka. I know it's the season of giving and some people give because they want to give. But it still makes me feel awkward not to give in return *shrug*. Everyone in my immediate fam has money coming after Christmas (ex. I get paid on the 29th) so I think I may just take my mom and 'em out to a nice place to eat.

Fortunately Pooka wants simple stuff for Christmas. She wants art supplies, easel, bedroom slippers, and some toy I never heard of. Her dad got the art supplies and that toy I still don't remember the name of and I got her the slippers she wanted and will be buying her the easel. I told her that when we got back from MD I will take her to the store and let her pick out the one she wants. I also got her new safety gear and uniform for TaeKwonDo. It won't be back till after we get back so she won't be opening it Christmas day.

In January I would like to take my local NC friends out to eat too, just as a thank you for helping out and keeping me sane type deal. Last year we went to a Asian restaurant, don't know where I'll invite them this year. Yes, I know there is more to gift giving then food, but it's one of those things that everyone likes (when they can order what they want), everyone likes to get out of the house from time to time, and most cooks I know like to not have to cook every now and again :) It just works!

One realllllly cool thing that will happen at the end of this month is I make my last car payment! Woot woot! I can't believe it! I just hope and pray stuff don't start happening when Mia becomes 100% mine! Awhile back I started having tire issues. People would tell me about how low my back driver side tire was. I'll pump it up and keep on going. Well in the past 2 weeks I had to pump it up 3 times so I decided that I needed to get it looked at. Turns out, I had a screw in my tire! The tech said it must have been in my tire for a long time because of how worn it was *shrug* I am just thankful that it was something simple and fixable. I was NOT in a position to buy a tire!

Let's see....New Years....I work New Years Eve till 10:30pm, then go back in at 8am the next day! Can we say holiday hours???? I knew you could! LOL! I was supposed to work Thanksgiving evening but I was able to give those hours away to someone who wanted them. I gave them away gladly! I strongly prefer NOT to work Thanksgiving afternoon/evening or on Christmas. Any other holidays I really don't care too much. "They" say that what ever you are doing when the new years comes in is what you will be doing all year so I guess my 2012 will be spent sleep or dancing with my Wii. We shall see! LOL!

I have gone from being a daily blogger, to weekly blogger, to monthly blogger! HA! Darn shame. LOL!

P.S. My father sent me a friend request on FB! OMG! Eventually I accepted it but put his behind on restricted status! What is the world coming to?


blkbutterfly said...

Congrats on making that last car payment! Are you able to get an extended warranty? That's what I did and it's helped a lot. I did have to make monthly payments to pay it off, but it was/is worth it.

Both my jobs pay once a month, so I've had to streeeetch this December money to pay bills and do a few gifts. I'm doing mostly hand made things this year (again) which makes it a little easier.

I'm kinda disappointed that I haven't been able to get bored yet. School is out, job #2 is over, but job #1 is still in effect until tomorrow. and then I'm going home a few days later.

I've heard big and small people say that J Hud's losing too much weight. Hopefully she'll get back to a nice balance.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

You're definitely not a hater. J-Hud reached bobble head status this summer. I want her to find her happy medium and stay there.

You may be bored but you've managed to accomplish a lot of stuff, so Kudos to that!

I love dining out with the girls! It's something FAB and fun to do. I'm sure they will appreciate the gesture.

Have a great Holiday!

Jameil said...

I'm so sick of being at home. As long as J is happy with her body, I'm happy for her, whatever she weighs. I love Christmas cards!! Yay for last car payment! You could blog while you're over there being bored... IJS.

E said...

LOL too funny on your Dad's facebook request. I got an email from my Dad inviting me to Facebook last month and I was like...I'm not even on Facebook. Too funny.

And congrats on making that last payment. Had I not had my car accident over Thanksgiving 2009, I would be nine months away from my final payment. Oh well...knocking on wood that I can get five years on the Fusion. Will hit 2 years in April.