Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa was good to me :)

Right now I am posted up in my grandma's living room kicked back watching VH1 Soul (and blogging) Shirley Murdock is on saaaaanging and I keep pausing to sing the chorus with her! LOL! Pooka is gone doing her bonding thing with her father. My mom is taking a nap and my grandmother is doing God knows what downstairs. She is tipsy and fiddling with stuff, LOL! *Okay I have learned she was taking the security ink thing off some "hot" pants she brought....gansta! smh

I am still tripping that my grandma and 'em have wireless over here. Both my mother and grandmother simply refuse to learn how to use a computer! My friends think I am bad with technology...they never met my mom or grandma! LOL! My grandmother has declared that my aunt and I are addicted to our cell phones and computers. To an extent she is right. All the plans that I have made to meet with my DMV friends were made via internet or text so I have been on one or the other quite often since I've been here.

My father has a fb page. I am BLOWN! I accepted his request but I put his butt on restricted access. LOL!

I've been here since Wednesday night and will be here till about lunch time Thursday.  So far this trip has been wonderful! Normally when I come home I am here for the weekend so I don't have a chance to see folks. This time is different! I have had the chance to hang out with folks I've grown up with that I've haven't seen since Pooka was born and she is 10! It felt great hanging with my old school friends that love me no matter what. I am supposed to get up with TZ today but can't seem to find that chick *ahem ahem cough cough message ahem ahem* Then I am supposed to hang with a few more folks before I leave. I am already dreading going back to responsibilities and all that awaits me back in NC. But alas, I have a few more days to enjoy this much needed mental reset and will.

Santa was good to me this year. Outside of the real awesome stuff (time with fam and friends) I got clothes, a food chopper, boots *with the fur* and $$$). Pooka's father brought me some smell goods from Bath and Body Works. It was completely out of the blue. So at some point before he brings Pooka back tomorrow I will go pick up a small trinket or something to give back to him. When he picked Pooka up he said he wanted to talk to me. I won't lie and say I am not curious about what he needs to say, but I'll wait. My fam kept it really simple and easy with the gifts because going into extreme debt was no an option for any of us.

Well guess I'll go check out what's going on on FB now *sigh*. Every time I log on I see someone got engaged yesterday. Kinda sweet and romantic! :)


Anonymous said...

i loved ur blog much appreciated

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

All you have to do is track me on FB or gps! LOL JK You know how it is...... a sista be moving while back in the DMV. I know you have also!

You now have the addy. And you have the number. WE CAN DO THIS! LOL

Will be FBing you my plans for Wed night. Not sure what yours are. SEE YOU SOON!!!!! Or else I will drop through your hood on the way back and stay a night.

blkbutterfly said...

Yes, 'tis the season for engagement and pregnancy announcements.

If they have cable and it's bundled with the Internet, maybe the service tech just set everything up for them.

LOL @ your grandmother getting hot clothes! She has to get how she can! :-)

hanging out with friends from elementary, middle, and high school is the best.

I hope you had smooth driving back to NC!