Saturday, April 14, 2012

Post 1022

I suck. I know. I'm sorry...sorta, LOL!

What's been up with Ladynay and Pooka? A lot and nothing out of the ordinary. Pooka had her spring break during the first week of April. She spent it up north with her dad. She had a blast. I spent everyday at work. I made 63 hours from Sunday to Sunday. Not bad for a part timer, LOL! That check will look lovely next pay day!

Speaking of payday I got a little something special in the mail last week.

That's right! Your girl got a surprise bonus check in the mail! Soooooo excited even still about that. As always, God is an on time God.

Speaking of the job, it is quite possible that I will have to leave this organization or change my hours if I can. On June 4th I start my internship for school. A friend of mine that graduated last year now works at the location I will be going. As soon as I found out the therapist I will be working with I texted my friend. According to my friend this therapist usually works Sunday through Wednesdays, 4 ten hour days. That in itself is great cuz I like working 4-10's, but I work the group home on Sundays. I am waiting on a call or email from the therapist I will be working with to get my definite schedule from her. I just hope I will be able to work something out. I really like the company I work for and hope to stay there until it's time for me to start my career. Time will tell all.

School is slowly winding down. This past Thursday I took the very last Elon proctored test of my collegiate career! How exciting! On Monday I start 6 weeks of what my school calls "Selectives". We basically will see patients, read and discuss current research, and observe at different locations. I chose the neuro route because my passion is acute care (the PT's you see mostly in the hospital) and one of my observations will be spending a day with a neurologist! So excited about that one in particular! After the selectives we have a little over a week of break than from 6/4 to 11/16 we have our internships. After the internship my class will have a 2 week break then go back to school for a week to take a licensure exam prep course then on 12/9/12 we graduate!!!!!

The closer and closer it becomes the more it seems unreal.

My personal life has suffered a bit due to my focus on me and my future but I am okay with that. Some people think that I have become "selfish". I don't believe so. This is a big transition year for me and I have to focus on me to make sure I do my part to accomplish what I need to. If you are not team Ladynay than I have to leave you to the side for a bit while I get myself together. Does that mean I won't help those in need of me? No, but it does mean I will not offer my all like I have in the past.

I feel/felt gross physically but just last week 3 different people in 2 different settings asked if I had lost weight on the same day. My scale and my clothes don't say that I have, but I will take the compliments anyway! LOL! It was motivation to keep up with my slow diet changes. I have always known that my problem was portion control when it came to food. I have also always known how to deal with that problem. But for the last few months have I started to really apply it to my life. I am a work in progress.

I am forever grateful, thankful, and appreciative of everything and everyone that happens or chooses to come my way.

Until next time...


Jc Wooten said...

Girl you do you! Nothing wrong with focusing on yourself. Real friends and family would understand. Every now and then everything else but you and yours have to go on the backburner. Real friends and family will be there when you are ready to jump back in.

Congrats. In about 8 months you will be done and ready to start your career. Congrats Woot Woot Moving on to bigger and better!

blkbutterfly said...

girl... you have nothing to apologize about... you have work to do!

Congrats on all the strides you're making! :-)

The Goddess said...

We neglect ourselves SO often so it's okay to be selfish every now and then. And if selfish means focusing on your and graduation....OH WELL!!! You have been working so hard you definitely deserve it. And YEAY for that surprise check. I could use one of those. Let me go check my mail now....oh wait, it's Sunday. Lol.

Thoughtsofsoutherngal said...

Oh wow, you are almost done. I remember when you first started.

E said...

Omgosh are so close to the finish line. That's really cool. All that hard work is definitely paying off and the personal stuff will catch itself up. :-)