Tuesday, March 06, 2012


For the 3rd time in my life someone is throwing me a party! I am so excited! The first time was when my aunt threw my baby shower. The second time was when my family threw me and my cousin a post baby shower (my cousin gave birth a few weeks before me). Now several years later a friend of mine is throwing my graduation party! It has sort of taken a life of it's own! LOL!

It all started from a comment E put on my blog. He pretty much said he'd come to NC and attend my party if I had one. Well up until that point I never really thought about it. I had planned a big one for my NCCU graduation but it didn't happen so I left the idea on the cutting room floor.

Then a guy I unsuccessfully dated asked me if I was having a party the other day. His long story short is that we mutually agreed that nothing serious would or could blossom from us and decided to be friends (see, not blog worthy *smile*). He loves to have socials and have lots of folks in his home. That being said, I should have known how the conversation was going to go after I told him I was toying with the idea of having a party! LOL! First thing out his mouth was..."your apartment is too small, you are having it here". Ummmmm okay! ROFL!

Next thing you know I am getting texts in class yesterday asking about cake and if I wanted live music or not (his father plays with a decent jazzy/funk type band)! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Crazy!!!!!

So yeah, I guess I am having a party in December. December 8th to be exact! If you are reading this (and I know of your existence) you are invited! Even if the current plan falls through I still plan on having some sort of gathering on the 8th. I graduate on Sunday the 9th, some time in the afternoon, so the plan that day is to hang out with my mom and immediate family Sunday before they head back home. But the Saturday before is going to be my party with whomever wants to party with me day! Woot woot!

Disclaimer: Please be aware that I socialize with a lot of different people...so if you don't like kids, older people, other races, people that smoke cigarettes and/or weed, hetero/homo/trisexuals, bourgeois, blue or white collar, people with limitations, shoot...if you have any type of severe prejudice about any type of person this party may not be for you. I am inviting anyone that wants to party and celebrate with me! LOL!

I am sure I will talk more about this as the event draws near. I am only in the brainstorming phase at this moment! :D

So excited!

The more I think about it, the more excited I get! :oD


K. Rock said...

Sounds amazing! COngrat on the party and your upcoming graduation. Keep us updated. I love party planning.

P.S. I wont be in attendance solely because I hate all the people you listed.

Jameil said...

I do so fervently hope God's plan for me is to be out of this area by then!! But if we're in NC, I'll be there! So cross your fingers on both hands and hide one hand behind your back so the other hand doesn't know that you're split? LOL

blkbutterfly said...

This is awesome! You deserve someone planning a party to celebrate you.

I'll be there... in spirit! :-)

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

I'll be there! Definitely. Since we could not celebrate the last graduation because of too much going on at the same time. LOL Expect the road chick momma and mini me to be there!

Once again.... CONGRATS CONGRATS! Can't wait. BTW HIt me up when you get a chance.... wanna make some summer plans if possible.

The Goddess said...

I'm glad you're having a party. I cant think of a better way to honor all of your hard work that to have a celebration. YEAY!!! You SO deserve a party and more.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Late but...

Yay!! Congrats!! I LOVE a good party. *throws confetti*

I wish I could come! If by some miracle I am out that way I will stop in a say HEEEEEEEEEY! :)

E said...

Ok I'm so there. Though I might need a reminder...*LOL*. :-)

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