Tuesday, February 05, 2013

I failed *updated*

I have felt nauseous since seeing that "F" word by my name this morning.

Every time I try to eat the nausea gets worse. The alcohol has no effect though. I know you shouldn't drink on an empty tummy, but the solid food makes me feel awful.

I toggle back and forth trying to decide if I want to have company over. Part of me needs a really good long cry.

I have slept about 2 hours total between the 2 naps I have had since the midnight posting. My emotions are all over the place. I drank a 1/2 bottle of rum which actually helped me take the second power nap. I force myself to celebrate with my peers that have passed because I am honestly proud of them and their hard work.

The rehab director at the job said that he will hold my position until I take the test again. The test is 4/30 and the results come back on 5/7. So I do have a reason to smile today.

I have taken a shower and forced myself to get out in the sunshine. It is a beautiful day out.

I've read online the stories of folks that have taken this thing multiple times. That petrifies me.


Kelly said...

Cheer up,
Im sure if u know me i'll be the queen of "fail" during my uni life,
not saying anything, just want to cheer u up, it might be a sign of something good coming up. you never know, so be positive.

K. Rock said...

It happens. But I know you will go forth and take it again right? You'll pass it. Chin up girl.

unityfalls said...

Sorry you didn't pass this time. When do you get to take it again? Your dream is to be a physical therapist so you have to past the test. Keep your head up it's going to work out for you.dumnent

Ladynay said...

Thanks ladies.

Yes, I will be taking the exam again. It is on April 30th and the results drop on the 7th.

AR Gal said...

You didn't come this far for nothing. You can do it!!

blkbutterfly said...

so sorry to hear this. the second time will be the charm! keep your head up.

Jameil said...

:( That hurts. For real. But you know what? You've got this! You now definitely know what to expect. AND you have someone holding a job for you? That's favor, girl. We're all cheering for you!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Sorry! You can do it!! I have NO DOUBT you will succeed Lady!

Kelly said...

It just click the button "next blog"
and it came to your blog,
everytime i saw something worth to leave a message i do.
and wish you all the best for your next exam

E said...

So sorry about the "F" word making its ugly appearance. Sending good vibes your way for the April 30 test.

JOHN N said...

you encourages