Tuesday, April 30, 2013

...and now we wait

I retook my boards this morning. Honestly I feel more confident in this test than the last one, but the way the test is set up and scored I really couldn't honest say if I passed it or not. I will know a week from today either way. Now all I can do is wait.

Since the last time I blogged a lot has happened. The job I landed changed up my job description and wanted me to come in as a outpatient therapist. I don't want to do outpatient work and I didn't want to move Pooka from her school and live in another county to do something that I knew I would not enjoy or be happy with. So I retracted my acceptance of the position.

I started working part time at the state job again.

One of my residents passed away at the group home job.

My mother lives with me now.

I gained A LOT of stress weight.

I started working out with a slim blonde friend that is addicted to P90X.

Pooka's father and his lady moved to NC. Not to far from me either! So far he has had her every weekend since moving down here. I can get used to that, LOL!

Ummmmmm what else? Nothing I can think of at the moment.

How are you?


blkbutterfly82 said...

You know, just last week, I thought about you and your exam and prayed that you pass with flying colors!

I know ALL about stress weight. smh...

You know, I'm learning about the need to put my happiness first when choosing a position. So, I completely understand your decision.

Jameil said...

Praying for you!