Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Playing Catch Up

It has been forever! After I write this I will try to catch up with whomever is still blogging :)

What's been going on in my little slice of the universe?

Mom is still living with me. She is good. Took her to see Frankie Beverly this past weekend. We both had a good time.

Pooka is doing well as well. She has earned her black belt in Tae Kwon Do and loves it. She has brought up her grades TREMENDOUSLY this year. I swear, at the end of last year I was honestly praying that she would make it to the 7th grade. The transition to middle school hit her hard, but it looks like she is bouncing back with a vengeance! I am so proud of my kid...when I don't want to choke her! LOL She is in that odd pre teen stage where she wants to be a little girl and also wants to be a teenager. It really all depends on the crowd she is aroud, LOL! These years are tough and I hope she finds herself and where she is comfortable soon. While I am thinking about it...why don't preteens use deodorant without prompting???? I feel like if I don't tell her to apply some before she heads out to the bus stop...IT WON'T HAPPEN! smh

Pooka's Dad and Step Mom:
They still live nearby and they do what they can. I finally decided to friend his main chick (they have an open relationship so I must define which lady I am referring to) on FB and every now and again it annoys me when she posts on my wall or makes comments to things I have said. I am still learning to "share" Pooka. She honestly loves  Pooka dearly and if it wasn't for her helping Pooka's dad, he wouldn't be able to do the little financial things that he does manage to do for her sometimes. This is not a bash by any means. I just get protective over my child. Again, I am still learning to share even after all of these years.

Love Life:
I am still friends with my ex. We do things sometimes. LOL!

Work Life:
I love and am in love with my career! Not so in love with the employer. They have some things in active practice that goes against my ethical beliefs. I am keeping my eyes open and throwing my application and resume different places. Until someone else picks me up I will be the best PT I can be and do my best to cover my behind as best as possible.

Personal Life:
Since my employment is more lucrative I have been able to go to and purchase tickets to most of the shows I would like to attend. Like I mentioned earlier I took my mom to see Frankie Beverly. On Oct 19th I am taking my mom to a homecoming concert featuring a lot of old school rap/hip hop artists and BBD. I am excited about that! I got some other shows down the pike as well but I think that is all for October! :)

I have also been kinda down lately. Not for any particular reason. I kept telling people that the only way that I know that I am down is that my house consistently is a mess, I am always tired, I don't sleep well, and I am gaining weight. My already heavy set behind is GAINING weight. I swear to God if I gain anymore I will start looking into the surgery....AND I HATE SURGERIES! I have started back walking and this weekend I hope to start swimming again. On Friday I am going to start taking a wellness class at Pooka's TKD school. I have to do better. I must do better.

This December one of the girls that started PT school with me but had to take some time off due to having a child is graduating. Me and my friends are going to support her on her big day. It has been a year since we have all been together (can't believe it's almost been a year since I got my hood) and as much as they love me regardless of what I look like...I can't let them see me like this. I look in the mirror and post live, unfiltered photos of myself on social media just as a way to force myself to look at me and find something positive. Okay enough of that....

This coming March my maternal grandmother wants all of her kids and grandkids to go to the Bahamas. In 2007 we all went to Jamaica and had the time of our lives! So she wants to relive that vacation for her 70th birthday in April. I am already saving my money! This is yet another reason I need to shed these pounds!

I have 4 mins left on the computer at the library so I will say....I don't have a laptop but I am working on that...I do have a smartphone that is decent. I pretty much had no choice but to upgrade from my slide phone with keyboard (long story) and in August I got cable! :)

I am moving on up! LOL



Freaky Deaky said...

I went to that concert as well. I hope you weren't one of those ladies having orgasms in their seats while crying and professing their eternal love for Mr. Beverly. *eye roll*

Open relationship? I need to look into that. I'm thinking something like Sister Wives but without having to get married or live with any of them. Don't judge me.


So um what happen to that stack you said I could hold?

I had my first kiss in the Bahamas a long, long, long, long, long time ago. My sister was trying her hardest to sprinkle salt all over my game.

A smartphone AND cable? *faints* The end of days is here!

Ladynay said...

Mannnnnn everyone and their momma was at the concert! Too bad the only person that spoke to me was a woman I didn't remember but apparently knew me, LOL

Look it up.

What stack??? Mea no speaka Englais

I look forward to the family trip :-D

It is the end of days! All this tech stuff I still don't know how to use properly! LOL

blkbutterfly82 said...

LOL @ "we do things sometimes." Hmmm... what kind of things? Just kidding... you gotta do what you gotta do.

I can't believe your daughter's in middle school! Time flies. Whew... middle school was rough. She'll come out just fine, though.

Welcome to the modern world! Carryin' smart phones and everything. :-)

It IS nice having more disposable income. The good thing about the student life, though, is you know how to cut corners, IF needed.

Ladynay said...

Exactly :)

Yeah man, time waits for NO ONE!

I did not want to be in the modern world. I fought it as long as I could, LOL!

Oh yeah girl, I am still living that "student" life. I have to move next year when my lease is up so gotta save up a down payment for one of them mortgage things, *cheese*

Jc Wooten said...

Finally! LOL Glad Mom is doing well. That is so nice. There is no way I could stay in the same house with my mother! SMH I would be locked up!

Pooka is doing her thing. I have to keep deodorant in the car. I make her keep some at school in her locker. Even when I can smell mini me a mile away she still seems oblivious. LOL

You do what you have to do! I've decided to cut ties with R. The popping in and out is not doing anything but hurting mini me. I have never bashed what he has done.... just the fact that he could have done more. Maybe he needs a main chick that accepts his daughter instead of them wanting him to have nothing to do with her. The current one convinced him mini me was not his! SMH

Love life. You do what you do! I can finally say I am talking to someone now. We will see where it goes.

I love my job but it is starting to put undo stress in my life. I have made the proper steps but I may have to change jobs soon.

Keep up with that walking. And that class sounds nice. I've been thinking about taking a kickboxing class. I can put that to use. LOL You can do it! I will start calling you regular to help motivate you if you need me to. I decided to lose weight for me and I am doing great. Nothing constant but what I can do. Walking, working out to the Wii,etc. I am down 32 lbs. Still working on my first goal. But I know I can do it. SO CAN YOU!!!!!!!!! WE GOT THIS!!!!

Ladynay said...

HAHAHA yeah you and your mom don't need to be in the same place for long periods of time, LOL

Right re: deodorant!

Are you serious???? Is the new chick making him get a DNA test or something? Insanity!

I will keep my fingers crossed for the new beau.

I know you will find a less stressful job soon. Employment has never been that much of a problem for you :)

32lbs? You go girl!

JayBee said...

hey! i'm tryna come back too. didn't know mom was living with ya. glad pooka is doing well. you still in raleigh? i know shaw's homecoming is this weekend. one day i'ma check out frankie beverly.

Ladynay said...

I see that! Mom came down in March of this year. I am still in the same place (literally). Yep, Shaw and the even better school, NCCU, had homecomings this passed weekend :-D

RETA said...

Keep posting and take care!