Saturday, May 10, 2014

So much to say, so little time

Hello! Here is my annual blog post, LOL! It has been sooo long since I've blogged, I forgot my password and had to reset it!

Let's see...what's been up? Hmmmmmmm

Well, my mother, Pooka and I moved out of my apartment and into a house at the end of last month. Kinda exciting! I was in that apartment for 10 years and there are soo many memories in that place. When I locked the door for the final time I got kind of emotional. The person I was that moved in was definitely not the same person that moved out! We are not renting a nice home not too far from the old apartment. Both Pooka and I love her school and neither of us wanted her to go elsewhere. I was initially looking to purchase a home in this area because I like the area and plan to be here a long time, but my debt to income ratio was out of control so I could only afford to buy a house on the other side of town. No, thank you. It has been 2 weeks in the new house and so far everything is going well. The thing I enjoy most is having my own room back. Everyone now has there own space to decompress. Love it!

Mom is great. Nothing new to report there.

Pooka is good. She caught a bad stomach virus, got better, then came down with Bells Palsy. Basically it is an inflammation that affects the facial nerve on one side of her face. So visually she looks like she had a stroke...but she didn't. It goes away with time so everything is all good. She was initially self conscience about it, but now she is milking it for sympathy and attention, LOL!

Me? Well I am here. I work 7 days a week and have 3 employers. My full time is a therapist gig. I work "as needed" for another company doing therapy stuff and I am also a sitter/helper for a 102 year old lady for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday. I'm laughing at myself because when I was in school I told myself I would only have 1 job once I got my license. *sigh* Student loans and a larger rent payment per month said differently, LOL! More money, more problems.

I still bleed...a affects my non existent love life. My face is all bumpy and junk food has been my go to for pleasure. TMI, I know.

Awhile ago I was in a car accident. It was my fault. The sun was glaring and I hit the back driver side door of this lady. I was going about 10-15mph so the damage wasn't spectacular. I am thankful for that.

I brought a lawn mover today. I got one of those old school reel mowers. I went in the store to buy this super duper, fancy smancy mower and I was actually down sold! He basically told me that for the size yard I have (small) the cheaper reeled one was a better fit for me. *shrug*

I was growing tomatoes and kale. The tomatoes didn't last long because of the bipolar weather and my kale was going strong until the move. I didn't tell anyone I loaded them in my cooler so everything got knocked around and messed up during the move. I tried to save my kale, but failed. Hey, that rhymed! I will try again really soon.

During the move I also gave my mother my bed. Mainly because I want a new bed and because if anyone had to sleep on the floor here in the new place, I'd rather it be me than my mother. I was going to go for a fancy smancy tempur.pedic bed, but today I found a really nice complete set (head/foot boards, frame, spring and mattress) for about the same price and it felt soo good to lay on. So hopefully my camping out on the floor days will be over when I get paid again :)

That's about it. I actually miss blogging and hope to get back to doing it fairly regularly. We shall see!



Freaky Deaky said...

Smh, that's just sad. Shame on you!

Yay, to the new home! What's wrong with the other side of town? (>_<) Privacy? You gave that up a long time ago. Sorry, it's in the mommy contract, paragraph 6, subsection 4.

How long does it take to go away? Is there anything that can speed it up or lesson the effect?

I nominated you for a "Slavie" award being that Jamaican/Hebrew slaves envy your work ethic.

If you don't have a large yard then that mower is probably the way to go. Well, I guess you could give a few bucks to one of the neighborhood kids to do it.

Wait, you're killing crops? Might have to rescind that Slavie nomination. Massa won't be happy with you threatening his livelihood.

Air mattresses are cheap and more comfortable then some beds I've been in. You can get a decent one for under $100.

blkbutterfly82 said...
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blkbutterfly said...

Congrats on the new home! Girl, I know ALL about the high debt to income ration situation. I've got to up my income tremendously to be able to afford a home, especially here in Austin.

I'm assuming you've been tested to figure out what's going on with the bleeding? Gyno issues are a beast, so I hope you're able to get some relief.

So sorry to hear about Pooka's illnesses. But, it's good that the Bell's Palsy will go away soon. lol @ her milking it for attention. when life gives you lemons, get other people to make you lemonade!

I hope that by now, you're sleeping in your comfy bed. There's nothing like having a nice bed to come home to.

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