Sunday, February 08, 2015

Rumor has it

In the near future, a PT position will be created at my side hustle that is about 15 mins from my home! If this comes to pass, as much as I like my current full time hustle, I am going to try hard for the spot.

I got home pretty early today. After I relax a bit and let my food digest, I have to clean up. My room, my kitchen, and my bathroom will get done today. I can't put it off any longer and I have the time to get it done. I hate cleaning. I really do. On days like this, I understand why people with small homes and are physically able to clean, pay someone! Yeah that was a lazy, but true, statement.

On the weight loss front we are still doing good. Today was weigh in day and I am now at:

That is 66 point 6 pounds (typed the word "point" on purpose) down from my highest weight! Woot woot! More people are noticing and it's pretty darn exciting. My clothes, esp. my underwear are getting mighty roomy :) I wish that less breast and more tummy would leave...but I can't control what my body chooses to lose first. Like I did not choose where it went when I was putting the weight on.

My right knee is doing better. Therapy works, LOL! It will take a few days before I am back to normal and I am okay with that. Right now, I will just continue to move around like I am recovering from a total knee replacement. :)

June 19th 2015, Pooka and I are going to Europe. I would like to be under 320 before the trip for airplane seat comfort reasons. I was about 320ish when I went to Chicago in 2005 and I remember feeling decently comfortable on the airplane to and from. It will be hard, but I think I can make it happen. Everything is smaller in Europe so even if I do hit my June target, I anticipate some difficulties due to my size on the trip...and I will still blog and complain about that, LOL!

Texas is in 17 days. My friend has us set to go on a wet bus. A bus picks you up, you stop at couple of different wine spots, you drink, you get back on the bus, they take you home! Woot woot! I WILL be going over my calorie limits that day. I'm just saying! LOL

May is FL possibly.

At some point I want to get to Alabama and Oklahoma...maybe even Ohio. I took a trip to AL and TX in 2005 (that seems to have been a good year for me and traveling!!!!) that I blogged about and I haven't seen my friend in AL since that trip. My friend that was in TX in 05 (different that then one I a traveling to see in 17 days) now lives in OK. But she don't stay anywhere too long so if she moves, I hope to visit that place. I have local friends, but I really miss my non local friends.

Mannnnn, I am going to have to save up serious PTO time and money to make all this happen! *sigh*


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