Sunday, March 15, 2015

Plateaus and Tae Kwon Do

Well. I have been toggling around 363 for about a month now. Some would say I have plateaued, but I don't I call that a success. With all the traveling, eating out,  birthdays, alcohol, etc. that has been happening in my most recent past, I am surprised that this is not a depressed post about how I gained soo much weight back! Sidenote: I pray to never have that experience of gaining sooo much of it back. Been there, done that, didn't like it, (and coming soon) changed it.

Yesterday the TKD school Pooka and I attend and 9 other schools had it's 3rd annual tournament. As always, it was fun! Pooka did the same she did last year by not placing in one event then coming in first in another. For the fun of it, I participated this year. I came in third. It was fun.

I volunteered at the medical table, as I always do, along with another parent from out same school. He has been a coach from a middle to college aged level of many sports. His acute field work care is amazing. I know a little about on the spot care when it comes to athletic injuries, but enough to get by and help the injured safely, if needed. However, my specialty is after that broken bone or spinal injury is not as medically critical so now we got to work on getting back to a "normal" life as possible.

My ego was sorta bruised when the other parent was spot on with his on the field care. One guy got kicked in the face and required 12 stitches (performed at the local urgent care). When things like that happen, I would like to be the head medical type person in charge. I had to take 2nd stage to the other parent who is admittedly better than me at acute sport injury care.

I have a bit of a competitive side. I must admit that part of me wants to take a continuing education course on the more orthopedic and athletic training flavor side of physical therapy. Just so I can further expand my mind and skill set beyond my neurological and geriatrically geared therapy career.

I don't know if geriatrically is even a real word, but I'm using it! LOL!



blkbutterfly said...

My co-workers and I attended a conference last week with a several big names in our field. As we were noting the accomplishments of one of the presenters, my colleague said that he had to tell himself, "Check your ego at the door. We're here to learn." I'm going to try using that every time I find myself having to take the assistant's position.

Ladynay said...

That is a fabulous tip. Thank you for sharing :)

Ladynay said...
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