Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Still on the Insanity train

Still doing what I can and calling it day. Unfortunately, just like when you start any other workout program...I am gaining water weight *sigh* I think I have switch to doing official weigh in's every other Sunday while I complete this program. Even though my brain knows exactly what is going on with my body, I can't help but to tie emotions into the number I see every week. I have to stop that.

Working out will only help me in the long run. I have to sculpt the body that is under the remaining fat, so when I reach my ultimate goal I will already have good muscle definition, esp. in my upper body where there is hardly any right now, LOL!

Sooooo even though my numbers are not good (in my warped opinion) I will stay on the Insanity train till the end. Got to get some muscle going on. Best for long term health and mobility.


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