Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fit test number 3!

Everything is the same with my life over here. I work all the time. Mom and Pooka are good. I am going to Florida on Mother's Day weekend for a mini vacation. I need some palm trees and water in my life! I received the official "save the date" card for another friend's wedding in September, so I guess I will be buying a plane ticket to Connecticut in the near future! Woot woot!

I am still doing my modified, big girl, in.san.ity program. Just took the fit test again. Gotta post the results for personal reference...the #s from 2 weeks ago are in parenthesis :)

Switch 70 (74)
Power squat 23 (31)
Taebow 75 (75)
Power jump 25 (30)
Globe squat 24/4 (27/4)
Suicide jump 14 (9)
Pushups 23 (15 st8 today!!!!) (10)
Oblique plank 11/2 (4/2)

I went down in a few things, but, I am not sad about it because I performed the test with better body mechanics that the previous times. I am also into week 5 so I did about a hour of the Max Interval circuit before taking the fit test. Me and myself silly self did it backwards. Was suppose to do the fit test BEFORE the circuit! SMH and LOL!

All things considered! I LOVE IT!

My next long term goal is to be under 300 pounds. If all goes okay, I should be there around my birthday or before. If I don't make it by then, the world will not end. I am in this for a lifetime so I WILL hit all my health and weight goals! Woot woot!

(sidenote: I was soo tired as I was posting this last night, I forgot to hit the publish button, LOL)

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