Saturday, May 16, 2015

Off wagon week :(

I went out of town last weekend. Had a great time! I almost don't need a seat belt extender on the plane! AHHHHHH Anywho, I ate ALOT and drunk ALOT of adult beverages.

Got home from the beautiful state of Florida and many little celebrations went on throughout the week. I ate ALOT and drunk some.

PMS cravings hit me. I didn't control it. I was and still am fully aware of my poor choices...cookies, chips, chocolate wine (the whole daggone bottle)...*sigh*

ShaunT and I haven't been having our secret late night meetings much this week. I saw him 3 times since last Friday.

Been to TaeKwonDo once this week.

Went to see my friend near the coast for another celebration today. I ate too much.

Needless to say, I've gained....

April 25th I was 339, now I am 349. That is 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I have forgiven myself for falling off for soo many days in one week. I enjoyed all the junk and alcohol I consumed. I don't regret having what and how much I wanted

My face is breaking out badly again.

My body didn't respond well to my choices lately, so I am going to try my hand at clean eating until my Europe trip. My system needs a good inside to outside reset. Went to Sam's and brought my stuff.

I am excited to see my face clear up again, and get the slug feeling back out of me.


blkbutterfly said...

This was me last week. PMS had me like, give me ALL the carbs! Oh, and the sweets too! I'll take 'em. :-(

I think the trick is recognizing when these things are happening and getting back on the wagon. You'll have good weeks and bad weeks. The great thing is, you're getting back on track. Hang in there, lady!

Ladynay said...

Thanks lady! I am back on track :)