Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Soo close I can taste it...

Sunday's are my official weigh in days. I was "supposed to" hit my 100 pound mark last week. It didn't happen, but I am okay with this. I am making better choices for my health for the rest of my life so if I don't hit a mark when I think I should...*kanye shrug* Oh well, keep it pushing!

But like I was saying...Sunday's are my chosen weigh in days, but I weighed at the end of my crazy work day and was at 344!!!! That is 2 pounds away from my first long term goal! Who is excited? This chick!

I have been thinking about how I will present this accomplishment on social media. I have not shared my weight loss adventure or goals with anyone outside of the few folks that still scan through my blog. So it's gonna be awesome! Like my friends that randomly post that they just had a baby, when they never said ANYTHING about being pregnant! I like that! I never see it coming! :)

Other than that, everything is going well. Uncle Sam bit me in the butt pretty hard last week and I am in recovery mode financially. I will be back in stride very soon! YAY

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