Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Quick and dirty. Here we go!

Pooka and I are going to Europe next Friday! I am super excited!

Pooka is now a high school freshman. She was in daycare when I started my blog. *SMH*

I finished my modified In.sani.ty program. I can definitely say that I feel a lot toner in my arms and thighs. I may start another round when I return from vacation.

I have been at my first PT job for almost 2 years! Feels like I took the boards last month.

As of about 5pm this evening, my non official weigh in day weight is 336 which is an 106 pound loss so far. I reached a plateau for basically the entire month of May. I knew I would hit one at some point, and know that I will again in the future. So I am not tripping. I have finally broken this plane and the pounds are steady dropping again :)

When I reach the 200 pound loss mark. I think that I want to go indoor skydiving. The only spot that does it is only an hour and change away.

Until next time....


blkbutterfly said...

HIGH SCHOOL?! My goodness! Time flies. One of my friends from high school has a daughter who'll be a freshman (at the high school we attended) in the fall and I felt so old.

What part of Europe are you going to see? It's been six years so my European adventure and I still remember it vividly.

Congrats on getting past the plateau!

Newy said...

WOW...what?!?!?!?! I remember when Pooka was little Pooka. Going to read and catch up.