Monday, June 27, 2005

For the love of...%&*!#

I had this nice lenthy blog all nice and ready to publish and the darn computer blinks! Grrrrrrrrrrrr anywho I will redo it since there isn't nothing better to do.

Pooka's daycare called me an hour and change into work telling me they think she is coming down with pink eye. I personally don't see it but I won't debate with them. I enjoy her daycare a lot and I trust there judgement. When I moved from that side of town I still had her enrolled there because everyone from the Director down is great. Plus the pricing is on point.

Redbone hit me up today. Which was a shock in and of itself. Who is Redbone? This guy I met way back when, we tried a little something, it didn't work, decided to be just booty calls (well I did, I am just finding out he didn't think so, oh well) the calls became longer and longer in between times then eventually became once in a blue moon. Then all of a sudden BAM! He is back. My thoughts is that his main girl had dropped him or is on vacation one. He says there is no and was no main girl but he preachs so much BS I kinda take everything like a grain of salt. I am not one for BS and actually attempted to dismiss Redbone but he is still around. My friends say to roll with it and see where he is coming from. Which is the same advice they gave me about lookalike...LOL

Speaking of...he IM'd me asking me who lookalike was! That tickled me. Fortunately I am not one to hide nothing from no one so anything I would blog about him he would have already known. Which is the same case for anyone I end up blogging about. So it's all gravy! I am still trying to figure out how he found my blog since this thing is still brand new!

Today has gone by very slow today. I did get my school stuff straight......kinda. I called up Student Health Services and asked them what the deal was. They said everything was straight on their end and tranferred me to the registrar's office. I told them what the deal was and the fixed the issue. But the funny part was after they helped me, they didn't end the call so I am just sitting on the phone listening to them talk about what their lunch plans were and talking about the new girl who was in the group I heard...about 2-3 mins later a lady was like...hello hello who is this. I say Ms. Nay and she is says "oh were done, you can go register now" most businesses end the phone call with a thank you have a good day or something of that nature! But like I said HBCU! LOL So excited I go to register and I have encountered some minor issues but it's all good, I am going back to school if I gotta cuzz and fuzz my way through!

My mom hit me up this morning and said she is moving here in September and she only plans to be at my place for 3 to 4 months. I am happy because my mom is my girl, but like I mentioned before.....I like my space. I also like getting my groove on and not having to be the one to drive home! I wonder how that's gonna work? I know I am a grown woman, but everytime I get around my mom or grandparents, I feel like I am in the single digits again. The last time I went up to visit, my friend was in town so I made arrangements to see him while also taking care of some other business in the same area. Everything worked quite well. My fam knew about the business I had to take care of but they had no clue I went to visit a dude too. Now I didn't go with the intention of doing anything, and didn't, but I still feel weird telling my peeps I am going to see a guy! High school? Yeah I know......

Next subject....I was watching this show called dance 360. The show just started to air here about a month or so ago, but it's been on in other states for a good minute now. I don't watch much tv but it came on after the afternoon cartoons that my daughter watched today. Anyways...there was this big girl gettin' her dance on and I literally said "look at that big girl" as in to say she ain't have no bizness up there shakin all that. Which is soooooooo hypocritical of me because on the rare occasion I am at the club, "that big girl" on the floor is me. Just like when I do my thing I could really care less what people think, she prolly could care less what everyone else thought. *shrug* I did tell myself about myself (does that make sense) cuz after I made the comment my mind was like who are you to talk? LOL Man it's time for me to go to the club again.....

Well I think I hit on everything I hit on the first time I typed this out plus the big girl stuff so lemme do dinner. I make some mean spagetti....holla!

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