Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Just another rainy day

Today has been a blah type day. I woke up at early this morning. I couldn't seem to go back to sleep so I fed my net addiction and looked up pink eye to determine if I should take Pooka to daycare. Then the thought hit me, the daycare would prolly want a doctor note clearing her of what she never had. So in that instant I decided to stay home another day from work. Besides by time I go to my 8 o'clock dentist appointment and make Pooka's doctors appointment it would be pointless to go in today. Then the rain began, literally.

I chilled out waiting till about 7 to get ready to leave. It only takes 15 minutes to get to my dentist so I figured that would give me enough time to get me and Pooka ready and out the door. Seven forty comes by and I look for my keys to leave and they are not where I usually put them. Big problem! I really think I'd lose my head if I didn't have a neck sometimes! So this leads to the 15 minute session of tearing my place apart. I call the dentist up and tell them I lost my keys so I would be late. She says to hit her up when I find them to make sure it's not to late to come in. So once I sat down from my search, I thought about what I wore yesterday and DING sure enougth the keys are in my pocket of the outfit. I hit the dentist up about 8:30 and she says its too late and to come in at 4:20! Even though it is my fault I am irked cuz I am all fresh, clean and ret' to go...even brushed and flossed extra well. It's funny, why do we go through our normal routines everyday, but the day we got to see a professional we gotta do extra? If I known I was gonna stay home I would have stayed in my baggy shirt and boxers. Yeah I gotta lil boy in me. There are alot of people in me and they pick and choose when to come out. No I don't have a serious mental disorder. They're just pieces of me. Which by the way I like that song...Ashley Simpson and Rare Essence's version!

So I call up my daughters doctor and talk with the nurse. I tell her what the deal is and she sprews off a bunch of questions which I answer and she tells me that Pooka doesn't have pink eye and she doesn't need to come in unless this that and the other starts. That's a trip and a co-pay I don't have to make today! Great! The rest of the day goes by kinda slow. Redbone hit me up talking about random stuff, then he mentions that his kid and him are going to the park, I said that sounded good....they are going to the movies.....okay....their undecided on their dinner plans....I am too....I knew that I was supposed to ask him if he wanted to do these things as a group but I didn't so he stopped talking to me. My days of playing the cat all the time in this cat and mouse game are over. If you want this, come and get it!

All this rain does make me sorta wish that I had someone to cuddle up with on the couch and chill while the rain does it thing outside tonight. I know lookalike would, but his car is messing up and I would feel really bad having him come out and stuck on the side of the road in the rain. Plus he already told me he can't get his roomates car. So oh well....next subject!

I think one of my neighbors is a lesbian or at least bi. A month or so I saw her getting dropped off by a do ragged baggied up chick in a SWEET suv. Now today while outside another thugged out looking chick dropped her off. The friend was actually quite pretty but she was completely duded out, wife beater, black bra, hanging basketball shorts, layered undergarments and timbs. She had her hand up her shirt exposing a nice "abtastic" stomach. My midsection will never look like that! LOL I have nothing against my neighbor if she is. Lawd knows she has prolly seen a few of my guest with colorful attire somewhere on there vehicle *wink* I am just making an observation. I am curious to know why everytime her thugs drop her off she is in pajamas tho'...*shrug* I dunno.

While I am on other lifestyles lemme expose a fantasy. I would love to see 2 men make love. I am talking about real love. I have rented gay male porn in the past and it's st8 humping and bumping which it should be because it's porn but I want to see real stuff with feeling behind it, kissing and everything....I seen the hetro and the lesbians, now I want to see the men! This makes me think of one of the times I rented some gay male porn and I left one of the tapes in my car cuz I was gonna turn it back in after work. The blonde chick in me didn't care to think that I should move the tape cuz it was going to be in the upper 90's that day. So the tape partially melted! I went to turn it in at the video store and they told me I had to buy it. Interesting conversation piece. Very interesting. Part of me wants to erase this part but if I am going to share I need to share! I am a voyeur at heart, always have, always will!

Well I guess I'd end with that. Till we meet again.

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