Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pooka, the beautiful one

Forget what happened earlier today, the highlight of my day was going to the graduation ceremony for Pooka's daycare. She didn't graduate, but each class had a little performance to put on. Pooka and I get to the place early because quite frankly I was not going to drive home just to come right back cross town for the graduation. So we get there about half an hour early. Then this lady with some really pretty dreads comes to the row behind us, sits, and starts conversation with Pooka.....

"Hey Pooka"


"I'm lil D's mommy, do you know lil D?"

*head nod*

Then she turns to me....

"Lil D talks about Pooka all the time. He says that she is beautiful. Almost everyday he tells me how beautiful Pooka is"


"Yes, and she is quite beautiful"

"Why thank you" *big cheesy momma smile*

Then Lil D's grandmother walks over to where Dread and I are chatting. Dread turns to her mom....

"Mom, this is Pooka"

"Ohhhh, the beautiful one...."

This response verified that Lil D must have really been talking about my daughter. Then dread says yes to her mom and turns back to me.

"Lil D is at that stage where he needs to know that he has friends. When the kids go outside on the playground Lil D says Pooka always plays with him, even if it's for a little bit."

I nod and once again I feel a mommy moment. We chit chat some more about kids ages, (Lil D is a year older than Pooka) the teachers, and the center then she excuses herself because her older daughter needed to use the restroom. Pooka's teacher comes and escorts Pooka to the other side of the room where she is supposed to be with the rest of the children of the daycare. So I am just chilling and another family comes and sits behind me where Dread and her people where. Then I heard a lil boys voice speak....

"Granny there's Pooka"

In my mind I am like oh my not another lil boy. Out of all the little kids that had shown up since they came in, he finds my daughter.

"That's Pooka lil X?" granny asked.

"Yes, can I go talk to her?"

The gentleman with them told Lil X to go ahead. I turn to speak...

"Apparently Pooka is a popular child, another child mentioned her not too long ago"

"Is she your daughter?"

"Yes she is"

"She must be quite entertaining! *giggle*"

I giggle. "I guess so" I felt kinda weird after that comment but her body language didn't say negative so I left it at that.

Me and granny chit chat for a few minutes about how hot and muggy it is and how cute these little twins girls where and we both went back to chilling.

Everyday when I pick up Pooka this other lil boy, Lil M, has to get his hug in before Pooka can leave. So of course when Lil M showed up for the ceremony he got his hug and sat in his assigned seat. Even though I am used to Lil M hugging my child, after the past 15-20 minutes of events I had made a contract with myself to show up even more often to my childs daycare! What is she doing to get all this prehormone love? If it's like this at age 3 I hate to see what the deal is during the teen years! Lord, help me!

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