Thursday, July 28, 2005

2880 miles later

I am back and officially a year older. My trip was well worth the lengthy drive. I just got back a few hours ago and I haven't touched a computer since I left so of course after I got in the house good I got on (hello my name is LadyNay and I am a net anyways, the short version of my trip goes like this:

Phase 1, Alabama. Arrive at my friends house at the scheduled time and we chill out for a spell. We go to dinner and when the chick swips my credit card she tell me I am declined....."What?!?! that is not right, spipe it again". Declines again. At this point my whole demeanor changed. I feel bad for my friend because after that I was just irriated. Weeks ago, I put x amount of dollars on the card so I could use it for gas on my trip. The cash I had was my "play money" so when the card declined I was mad and very confused. We ate dinner and went back to my friends place and chilled some more. I called the card company and they told me the systems were down and I would have to call back later. GREAT! So that explained the decline, so I thought. I call back the next morning and the foreign chick tells me that the car company placed a hold on the deposit plus the amount of the rental. I rent from this company all the time and this is the first time they held more than the deposit on my card. So now I had a choice to I go ahead with the planned trip using my cash for gas and have no money to do anything or do I go home from Alabama? I toggled the idea and decided to keep on with my trip. I had driven that far, no need to turn back. I am glad I did.

Phase 2, Texas. Arrive at my girlfriend Teezie's house late and just shoot the breeze. During my drive to TX I decided to call my mom and ask her to Western Union me a lil sumtin so I could at least enjoy myself a little bit. That was successful. The next day we drive around the state hitting up various spots. Then the big day come, my birthday. We spent the day chilling and hanging with the kids and looking up spots to hit up that night. Little did we know but Texas parties Thursday through Sunday! We did find some interesting spots though so once the time comes we put on our club gear and start the evening. I had all my hams and yams showing and my girl did too. Couldn't no one say we didn't look great. We started at "Crem" and ending at "Minc". Along the way we met 2 skinny broads my girlfriend named the crackheads, and it seems that in order to get any love from any type of man you have to be about 10 shades lighter with long straight hair, size didn't matter. I did enjoy myself regardless. Oh! How could I forget meeting some of the people I have met through and/or heard about from my friend. One in particular came by my girlfriends house the morning of my birthday and OMG this dude is just big...real tall, big arms, dark skin, thick, nice smile, just a cutie in general. I have talked to him plenty of times in the past on the phone and he told me what he looked like, but seeing the man in person was like whoa! Anyways, he said he would come by the next day and cook. Being that we got in from the club early that next morning and slept the day away, when he came by to cook he was right on time! The rest of the Texas consisted of us hitting up more spots and me reclining and dozing off in my girls recliner....I just can't stay awake long in that thing!

Phase 3, Georgia. It seemed like it took forever to get to GA but I finally made it very late in the evening. Pooka and I washed up and pretty much went to bed. MsSkyBluez has one of the nicest bathrooms. If my bathroom walls were not blue and orange I would try and find a set similar. LOL. We got up early this morning and talked briefly then Pooka and I was out. MsBluez still had a work day ahead of her and I didn't want to be in the way too much. There was not much time to hang out in GA but at least I got to meet another screen name in the flesh.

Now I am back in the hot, humid, sticky state of NC. I can not believe I drove that far from home by myself! I got Chitown coming in about 2 weeks and I am trying to find time to stick in St. Louis, Florida, and now Philly in the picture before the year is out. Don't know if I will be able to afford it but it won't stop me from trying *smile*

Some of the random thoughts/questions I had on the highway......

What is the purpose of a speed minimum sign?

Why does the speed limit change at night on TX?

In NC we have hubcaps on the side of the GA they have whole front fenders!

There is extremely heavy traffic in Alabama at hours they shouldn't be.

Why does no one drive less than 90 mph in SC?

Or Mississippi for that matter?

All Walmarts look the same no matter what state your in.

How can gas be $2.23 ub NC and $2.04 in Louisiana?

There where plenty more but that's all that come to mind right now. Even though I had a good time, I am glad to be back in good ole Carolina!


Teezie said...

Glad you made it! Jj is still like where is Pooka. LOL We had a good time. The next time we will know when to go out......SAT. And where to hit!

BTW........... Tall said alot about you .......... fill you in lata

BlueAngel said...

It was so nice to meet you and poooooka! I'm glad your trip was fun in spite of the mishaps. It was definitely worth it right...
so when ah can I ah come up to ah NC?

Ladynay said...

You can come by whenever your around. My doors are always open, well....most the time :-)