Friday, July 08, 2005


Today is just a continue of Nay in "blah" mode. Nothing special happened today. I didn't have no revelation about anything or nothing. Just blah. Big Chips asked me for some dough today, my previous blog must have made her do it of something. She asked for some real money too, not just a doller to throw in the vending machine....I am talking 3 digit numbers! Blah, I just lied and said I didn't have it. Which technically I don't because I am taking a week off for my birthday and another week in August. When I travel I like to have a good time so that money will be spend on throwing singles down some brotha thongs, or maybe an extra hour of massage time....not some contacts that she knew she had to get when she got paid a little more than a week ago....Blah

I am starting to get anxious about my birthday vacation. I have been planning this trip to Texas for a minute. Due to circumstances I had to put it off and put if off some more, but this time I am going for sure, granted an emergency doesn't come up and change the plans on me *fingers crossed* This trip should be good. I am planning to meet some people at my designated rest stops I have talked to online for a hot minute but never got a chance to meet in person. Which reminds me I need to send out some emails....anyway. If all goes as planned, when I get back I should have plenty to share.

Internally I wish I had more time to get myself trump tight so my first impression will definitely be positive. It's this one friend in particular that I have been talking to for several years (about 6) and never met that I am concerned about. I feel like once we meet in person our friendship will change. I can't explain it or tell you if it's good or bad. I just don't want it to change. But I don't have the time so they will just have to receive and digest what I come with. Now it sounds as if I put a false foot forward and that is far from the truth. Most people who have talked to me for extended lengths of time have seen pictures of me and my personality stays ever changingly constant if you understand that. I can't stand when you meet folks online for whatever reason and when you finally meet them they are not who they put themselves out to be! That irks me to high heck (I am trying to stop cussin'). We shall see what happens. Hopefully at my girlfriends house will have a lot of fun without law enforcement getting involved! *smile*

I was talking to a girlfriend of mine and mentioned my decrease in sex drive. She said that it's normal for people especially when they have kids to experience this. I had my daughter almost four years ago....why is this just hitting me now? I am not going to stress too much over it. My mojo will eventually return and I will crave my brothers once more. Maybe after this post this I'll search the net and see what I can find about this. Who knows!

This weekend I plan to take Pooka out on a date. We are going to do the traditional dinner and a movie thing. I may just take her to Chuck E Cheese too! It's not that expensive because all Pooka wants to do is go from game to game and run around with the rest of the rugrats. I think the last mommy/daughter date that involved Chuck costed me a little over $5 bucks. This includes the dinner at the all the pizza you can eat Cici's and the 5 mins too long of Mr. Cheese. I really can't stand that place but my daughter is quite fond of the joint. Every time the commercial comes on it unquestionably does it's job because she starts the 2 minute long "mommy I want Chuck E Cheese " rally. Almost never fails!

Other than that I am bleaching down my bathrooms. I can't stand cleaning bathrooms! Blah!

Well off to read about people that actually have things going on with them.....I wonder, with some of the bloggers out there, they always have something exciting going on. There is never one post saying....I ain't do not a doggone thing and I don't wanna do a doggone thing! Sometimes I wonder if some people make their stuff up to keep their the licks of a tootsie pop, the world may never know!