Thursday, July 07, 2005


Well normally at this time of day I would work. But there is a problem. There is none! Sure there is small busy work but basically there is nothing. I should walk around with my empty "In" container. Circle twice around the folks that are supposed to be working to put something in the darn thing! Anywho, I took the time to read my regular blog folks and actually hopped (and commented) on to a few more. (Darn addiction!!!!) LOL That's neither here nor there....bottom line is I am bored! I read an article on MSN the other day about how blogging could get you fired. It talked of how people tell things that they shouldn't and get in trouble.....well, I won't talk about the job related things but let me tell you about some of the people!

First there is Big Chips, she has the nicest heart. But as fake as she wanna be. She struts around in her branded clothing, drives her almost new SUV, and orders out everyday, well at least till about the last week of the month. (Getting paid monthly is a mutha) There is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward but if you don't got it to where you can keep it up, find a balance. Example, once she gets here in the morning she doesn't go anywhere before it's time to leave. She slipped up one time and said it was because she don't ever have gas to go out and do things like go get breakfast or lunch. She knew before she brought the vehicle that she couldn't keep gas in it! I can't stand people who try to keep up and be all "like that" when they don't have the means! Don't ask me for no darn money at the end of the month because you don't know how to budget your check! Grrrrr, that was the beginning of a rant that I don't need to get into.

Anyways, There has been plenty of mornings where she would come in my office talking about "LadyNay, if you run to *insert food chain here* I'll treat you". I admit I fell for it cuz most the time I didn't eat breakfast and she was a God send. But once it became habit, a sista cut it short. Today she was out of luck because most of her lunch buddies have started weight watchers and bring their lunches, so now there is no one to make her lunch run for her. Our new temp has officially been branded her lunch runner, she don't know that yet though. All day Big Chips has been asking various people if they where going out for lunch. Everyone said no (I can hear what goes on from my office). Our new girl was going out the door and Big Chips called her name but I guess she didn't hear her, so big chips ran out the door to catch her. I really wonder what would happen if nobody in the office was going out for lunch! What would she do? hmmmmmmmm

Now this weight watchers thing....everyone at the job has jumped on the bandwagon except me of course. Do I need to be on the I need to pay money for people to tell me to watch what I eat and exercise....NO! I can't wait to see how many of my co workers will still be on the program a month from now! I find all of this quite amusing! If it's not WW it's something else.

Then their is one of the top dogs. She always gives me things to approve and sign off on that is WRONG!!!! Normally I will do the necessary research and do what it takes to make it right but I am really tired of it! I have half the mind to give some of it back to her and tell her to get the stuff right before she gives it to me to put my signature on. I know it sounds weird that she would give her work to me being that she is over me but that's the way it is. Her job is to go the all the meetings and listen to the politicans...

Now that I think of it, it would make sense for her to give all her stuff to me, cuz she knows I will fix whatever is wrong and keep it moving......hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I want a raise!

Off the work subject...The more I read updates on the London situation the more I feel like crying, please tell someone you love them today!


BlueAngel said...

I wore a shirt to work today that says "I Need A Raise." You think I'll get fired?

Ladynay said...

Uhhhh no, they know better than that! LOL

Anonymous said...

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