Tuesday, July 05, 2005

In Someone Elses Shoes

While on the way home today I realized why I like blog hopping so much, other than the fact that I am nosey....blogs are one of the closest ways to live in someones shoes for a while. I can't think of another way of knowing what it's like to be handicapped, how it is to be an atheist in a family full of church leaders, to be a gay man/lesbian woman/bi/on the DL, to have weight loss surgery, to live a swinger lifestyle, to go through a divorce, to be angry at the world, to be a single parent, to be of another race, being on top of all the hottest entertainment news, to live in a different culture, to be a victim of domestic violence, so forth and so on you get the picture. In it's own sorta way it allows people to understand how others live and hopefully learn from it and gain some positive knowledge. I truely appriciate those who take the time to share a glimpse of there world with me.

Today's lesson: I need to comment on peoples blogs! Many that I ran through today mentioned the lack of people commenting so I have started to speak my piece even if it's only one word. You should start too, not just on mine, but everyone elses that you read or keep up with :-)

And that's my blog commercial for today! Nite!


BlueAngel said...

Lan...you're something.

I always appreciate commentary on my blog. Eventhough it's a personal sounding board, the feedback sometimes helps me see things that I can't see.

Thanks for reading.

intellifreak said...

Yes start commenting!!!

Ladynay said...

When I try to comment on your page, it doesn't go through :-( Out of the three attempts to comment today only one went through and that was the freakin' test!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrr