Monday, July 04, 2005

Stop the insanity

Remember Susan Powers, or Powell...something like that. She was the big weight loss motivator with the short blonde hair who was out a years ago. I think her program is on of the few weight loss programs I have not tried. Yes my friends, here is my first weight related blog! Yippppeeee told you it was coming didn't I? Anywho. I am a food addict, I have known this for some time. I even went to OA meetings (Overeaters Anonomous or whatever) If me and my then friend didn't fall out, I could possibly still be going to them this day. It's weird, one of the steps is forgiveness. I have forgiven her but that don't mean I have to be in the same room with her a couple of days a week! Now back to me, I know what the problem is, I just don't know how to fix it. My problem is lack of control. Especially when I am around my "trigger" foods. It's insane, one little food can start a landslide that ends up with a bingefest which ends in me picking on myself. I can stand to throw up so I wouldn't dare go that route, besides that would start a whole new set of problems.

The inspiration for this blog came from my cabinets and fridge. While looking for what I was gonna prepare for lunch I was giving inventory of what I had. While observing I thought to myself "Someone would thought a skinny health nut lived here". Really, I have various fresh/frozen/dried produce, soy products, whole wheat breads and pasta's, humma's (some of the best stuff around), Boca burgers, turkey bacon and chicken hotdogs among others. I have always shopped like this. I actually like this type stuff! But the problem is not what I eat, it's how much of it I eat! For instance I brought a bundle of 8 banana's and 4 pounds of grapes Saturday morning, where are they now? Somewhere between Pooka and I's bellies and the toilet! I mean really 4 pounds of grapes in 3 days. Actually 24 hours cuz I didn't wash them and pick them of the stem till yesterday morning at my private club. That's INSANE! Yeah, it could have been 4 pounds of chocolate covered peanuts, but still that's a bit much! Like I said I have known what my problem has been for the longest time. I just haven't put my foot down to stop it! People who don't have this problem can easily say, well just don't put it in your mouth. Which is very true, I have control over my hands and what they put in my mouth. I have control over backing away from the table. I have control, it's just so darn easy to lose it! Next subject.....

It's the afternoon of July 4th, most people are out and about with the cities activites are at a cookout starting to get their drink on. I am here pooking around on the computer. But I am not gonna fret. Pooka, Mr. Foreman, and I have a date with some burnt chicken dogs real soon. Usually I get a little bummed being alone on a social holiday, but it's okay. I actually prefer it just being us today! I hope everyone's travel's go/went safely! I am talking like I have readers already. But still I can hope someone take interest in my boring day to day rambles...can't I? :-)

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BlueAngel said...

Gurl...I feel ya, sis about to tape her mouf shut!

I also get a little bummed about being "alone" on holidays. I realized that the phone works, and when I can't be with those that I really want to be with on holidays...I just call to let them know that they're on my mind.