Sunday, July 03, 2005

Today was a good day

Today in the kitchen while peeling, slicing, and dicing all the rabbit food I brought(manually...I could really use a chopper*hint hint*), I got a burst of happiness out of nowhere. It was when I heard Faith's new song "Mesmorize". All of a sudden my kitchen turned into a little private club. I just felt really good all of a sudden. I am no where near in love and nobody has put it down on me in a minute so it wasn't the lyrics, just the rhythm of the music! Music has it's uncanny way of turning the whole atmosphere on it's side. For the better or for the worse.

Speaking of music, I stil can't digest that Luther is gone. He is not blood family or anything but I am still in denial of his passing. We all will miss him.

Lookalike hasn't called me today or yesterday. That's not like him. I am hoping everythings okay. Then again the phone works both ways so I guess I should call him. I did get a very unexpected phone call from someone I met online fairly recently. It's weird. He hit me up on messenger thinking I was someone else and we just ended up typing it up. He asked for my number, I gave it and we chit chatted for awhile more. I wasn't expecting him to use it but he did. I am glad he did. I needed to ramble in someones ear last night and he offered a great one.

I started this morning off a little different than planned. Normally on the weekends when Pooka and I get up, we either walk to the grocery store, wally world(Walmart), to the lake trail, or the park by my place. Three Saturday's ago I saw a baby snake on the way to the trail, the Saturday after that I saw 2 dead baby snakes on the way to wally world. Now I can deal with the wild ducks, geese, turtles, rabbits, squirels, and everything else you see around my way. But I can't deal with the snakes. Besides with all those baby snakes roaming around the parents gotta be someone close! So I did some DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) to make up for going out. Which brings me to a side thought.....why do men always make comment on my PS2 on the first time at my place and inquire about what games I have???? Everytime without fail! The only 2 games I have is DDR and DDR2, there is DDR Revolution but I don't have it *hint hint*. That is the only reason I brought the daggone play station. I used to go to this convention every year and all the tall slinky white boys would be having a competion. So one year I went into that room and got hooked. Darn white boys! LOL I would go to the convention this year but my baby daddy told me he was definitely going so I'll leave that alone.

Well today is a good day, not for any particular reason, I just feel really good hope this feeling stays around for awhile.

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