Monday, July 11, 2005

T minus 11 days!!!!!

My mom called me first thing this morning talking about 11 days! 11 days! I am like 11 days for what? She said it's 11 days till my trip! Now I knew it was coming up but mannnn I really didn't realize that it would be here b4 I know it! I am super excited! This will be my first lonnnnnng distance trip. To date the most I have ever driven in one stretch is 10 hours! Now I won't be stupid. I plan to spend an evening here in one state and an evening there in another. I hope my mojo comes back before I leave. I told my girlfriend that as long as I see one or two naked men up close and personal and be in the area of some alcohol on my actual birthday, I am all good! LOL My family is kinda buggin' out and don't want me to driving all that distance, but it's my birthday a mile stone birthday at that (25) and I will go where I want to :-P

I am officially starting my birthday celebration this weekend. My cousin is throwing a party not to far from my house. It's a shame how you can live so close to blood and never talk to them unless there is a party, some one died, or there is a reunion coming up. Anyways, my peep from all over and when my family comes together to have a party....them jokers PARTY!!!! I am debating if I should allow myself to get on the tipsy side around them. I haven't decided yet. I kinda like the impression they have of me right now, you know "Lady Nay...not Oh my God no she didn't Nay! hahahahahaha! Who knows, I know I am going to have fun, cuz like I said, it's my kickoff! The end of the celebration will be in August when I hit up Chi town with my cousins! I already know that is gonna be one CRAZY trip! I know I am gonna act a pure fool there!

Yesterday was a bad day for me, I told myself I would post everyday like I write in my journal everyday, but a very angry spirit got hold of me and I had to shut down shop. I don't know where it came from. I hate when that happens. I just feel an emotion for no apparent reason. I wish I could blame it on PMS, but I am not menstral (TMI, I know) so I don't know what be going on with me sometimes. I can feel like crying one day, be ight the next, be ready to cuzz someone out, then be just plain irritable! All for no reason. Hmmmmmm weird!


BlueAngel said...

Happy Birthday LAN!

I hope to see you during your world tour! It's looking like I may be in DC on july 27th, but I'll know for sure tomorrow after I talk to my supervisor.

Anonymous said...

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