Friday, July 15, 2005

What is on my mind

During my blog hopping this morning, I asked myself what was it that make some people get thousands of hits more than others....and when I thought about it....I don't have any of it....I don't have this interesting past was "normal"....I don't have any ultra deep thoughts....I don't know all the latest gossip...I don't feel comfortable putting some of my personal thoughts on the web like I do in my journal...I am not the best story teller nor comedian...I am not angry at the world.....I haven't gone though some drastic life altering experience.....none of that....why would someone want to read my page? This blog is my little slice of the web and I should be able to say what I want. Truth be told, I would like a nice little readership....I just don't how to make it interesting....I want it to be for me, this IS for ME! but I want it to be entertaining enough where someone would want to come see how I am doing every once in awhile. I read on one page that you should write as if nobody was going to read it. That's alot easier said than done.

I understand that this is for me and this is a great sounding board type device to put my thoughts down so they would make sense. I need a sounding board because I am a listener by nature. When I thought about it, most of my real friends are probably friends with me because I actually listen to what they say. Whenever something happens no matter how big or small and the have to tell someone, they call me. There is no problem with that. Listening and paying attention without giving to much opinion back is my specialty. But I often feel that it's not recipricated, it's like when I have something I want to share and I try to share it it always ends up like this:

"Hey so and so....the strangest thing happened today! I met the president of the university!"

"That's nice Ladynice, I met the the queen of England. She is the nicest lady...she blah blah blah and I end up listening to a story and my little bit of info gets put to the side. I often feel like my thoughts and feeling are not as important as everyone elses. That may be true. I don't know! Whatever...Next!

Last night while talking to a new friend of mine. They told me about something that was going on with them (once again with people feeling they can talk to me) we began to talk about it and they said that I was like a school teacher. This struck me as odd because another guy I dealt with said the exact same thing in my recent past. Neither had an explaination beyond "you just remind me of one". I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. Next!

Tomorrow is my cousin's party/my birthday kickoff. I don't want to go. I need to bleach down my bathrooms. I don't wanna do it. I am supposed to be taking some pictures for my other website. I don't feel like doing it.

On that note, I am taking a nap!


Teezie said...

All I have to say is "The Game" and you will stop listening to me! LOL

Ladynay said...

Blog correction.....when a certain friend mentions a certain rapper w/a butterfly tattoo on his face or a certain ex with braids....I tune out! ROFL

Teezie said...

At least you did not say a certain ex who's bald! LOL

BlueAngel said...

*eye roll*

Your life doesn't have to be full of drama to be interesting... Being normal is damn near rare. Enjoy it and write what's on your never know who's readin.

MzB said...

Everyone's life is interestign in one way or another so just keep sharing. Sometimes I share other peoples experiences and then put my opinion or spin on it, some times I share my opinion on something going on in the news.

Over time you wlill gain more readers as people find you and get "hooked" on your life.

Blogging is fun...It is free therapy. Just write what comes to mind and the rest will follow.

Visiting and commenting on others blogs is a good way to bring people to your place. I don't have large readership, it is mostly my friends that read my blog. That doesn't stop me from writing daily (sometimes three times per day) LOL.

Ladynay said...

@Angel...I am normal? *gasp*

@MzB...I am working on the commenting thing, I may have said a thing or 2 on yours :-)