Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Just Plain Tired

Tired of the lies, the bs, the drama, the bs, the men, the bs, the woman, the bs, the people at this job, the bs, my finances, the bs, the fake emotions, the bs, my weight, the bs....... just freaking TIRED!!!!!!!

I try to be nice, humble, and st8 forward to everyone....but all I get is BS back for the most part. I must be getting this crap all wrong!!!!!


Jamal K. Franklin said...

Don't be tired baby, you have the power and the strength to overcome - you know you do. It's just a matter of finding it and pushing it to the forefront. Many times it's difficult to make that happen when your mind is clouded...what you need to do is stop, mentally go to the islands, take a break - regroup - then hit 'em with the heat! Keep us posted!

Coming Into Reality

BlueAngel said...

Yeah...what he said.

Anonymous said...

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