Monday, October 02, 2006


It took a split second to realize what just happened. The next second was me in denial. This didn't happen, I was stopped, the lady behind me was stopped. How can this happen? Yes my body and the van jolted forward, but this didn't happen. Then I heard Pooka start to cry. I looked back from the drivers seat and asked her if she was okay. She nodded with fresh fear in her face. I smiled and reassured her everything was going to be okay. She managed a small smile back. I turned around and layed against my seat mentally assessing if I was okay. "Neck's fine, backs fine, okay everything feels fine so get out the van and check on everyone else"

I hopped out the van and the other 2 ladies were already out their vehicles looking over the damage and making sure everyone was okay. The lady who started the chain reaction accident was explaining how she just couldn't see. Me and the lady who got sandwiched between us understood because it was 7 something in the morning and the sun was right there where the stop light was. Vision was very slight. The only difference in what me and the lady behind me did vs. the lady who caused the accident was we went slow enough up to the light to see the brake lights of the vehicle ahead without hitting it.

The van looked fine outside of the middle lady's hood being stuck between my fender and hatch. The middle ladys car needs work front and back and the causes car didn't look bad at all! Once everything was looked over we all got back in our cars to wait for the police. I call the daycare and the job to let them know what's up. The police came, did what they do and I was on my way. Outside of not being able to open my back hatch the van is drivable. All I really need to do is knock the fender down at one spot with a hammer and my back should open properly again.

I get to work and everyone is telling me that I should go to the doctor and that I should make the cause pay for it. It was kinda like they were jinxing me "you may feel fine now but tomorrow you may be in real pain" Oh gee thanks! Work went on a normal. I call around to some places trying to get quotes on getting my car fixed. They all where giving me quotes I didn't like so I broke down and called my mechanic. He is the one who has fixed my car the last few mishaps. He is a great mechanic who knows what he is doing and very reasonable with his pricing...but he's not local. Matter of fact he is in the next county over. He is supposed to come look at my car Thursday or Friday and tell me what the problem is and how much it will be to fix it. He is going to do a full tune up, fluid change, and install a cd player in the van too. I figured that since I plan on going to see my mom and them in a couple weeks I need to go head and get that done, plus my baby's been in an accident so she deserves some good treatment. Depending on how serious the engine issue is it may have to wait till next pay period, I'll keep my fingers crossed it's the easiest engine issue you can have...

Work's over and I go to class where I totally forgot WE HAD A TEST! Fortunately Exercise Phys isn't Physics so that wasn't an issue for me. I did have a proud momma moment when Pooka kept asking me for carrots and apples when she had a banana in her hand. My classmates were looking at her like she wasn't supposed to be asking for such things and Nurse Snooze says "Thats so awesome that you encourage her to eat properly" to which I replied..."I try" LOL

I get home to a few messages on my voicemail. There were 2 of interest to me. One was from Geico (the causes insurance company) the chick said she wanted my take on the accident and the other was from T-lo. He was apologizing to me, the only thing is I don't know what he was apologizing for! LOL I would have thought he may have called the wrong person but he said my name a few times. Maybe he is apologizing in advance? I don't get people sometimes.

Well anyways off to bed. Hopefully I won't be hurting when I get up tomorrow.


blkbutterfly said...

i came through to comment on the last post, and here's this one. well, i'm glad you and Pooka are ok and your car is drivable.

i'm not trying to wish anything ill upon you, but you might consider going to the doctor, just in case. better safe than sorry.

deepnthought said...

GO TO THE DOCTOR... Okay, that about settles it for me. You sure you dont know why he is appologizing for(sorry, you know I cant spell).

Ladynay said...

BB, you and me both. I don't know what I would do being w/out a ride again. At least this jumped started me into getting my car fixed. Since I got the van getting the car fixed was place lower on the priority list.

DNT, over 24 hours later and I still feel fine. If I had the slightest pain, soreness or was even a little stiff somewhere I would definitely go. But I am good. I can't see spending my time and ole girls insurance money to go to the doc when I am okay.

Ladynay said...

Oh, and no I really don't know what the apology was for. The pessimist in me wants to think that he was apologizing for giving me an STD or was apologizing because he was about to commit suicide or something. But I really don't know.

dew knot worri abot spelin ore gramtical erors cuz al dee tyme eye mak dem ;-P

As long as I know what your trying to say I am all good.

lj said...

OH shit..well Atleast no one was hurt. But...yeah the chicks insurance should be paying for damages

Ladynay said...

LJ, I just got off the phone with the causes insurance folks. They are sending me to one of their folks to get the van looked at and write me a!

Hopefully my personal mechanic can fix it for less and I can use the remainder towards my tune up and cd player installation. That would be nice.

LUVIN ME said...

I'm glad to hear that the two of you are doing okay. I would go to the dr. just in case.

Ladynay said...

Yeah that's what everyone is saying and probably be saying if someone else experienced it, but I really don't see the need for it.

If I break down in the future every one of you can comment I told you so in big neon letters.

Honey-Libra said...

Hope nothing pops up from the accident and that you and Pooka are A ok.

But from what I understand you should go to the Dr, just in case cause you never know.

Freaky Deaky said...

Methinks you should go to a doctor too. If you or Pooka end up having injuries (post crash complications can take awhile to manifest) then going to a doctor soon after looks a lot better in court then you walking in six months later talking about you're hurt but it took you however long to actually go see a doctor.

I guess I won't have to worry about the Devil's van stalking me for awhile. Hope it gets better and chooses not to smite me. LOL

After we play maid maybe we can play school. Eye'll giv u sum edgejewmakayshun. ;o)

Glad you're both okay.

Ladynay said...

Honey, nothing will happen. If I am hurting I'll just blame it on my company tonite. LOL Stop looking at the screen like that, he offered a massage when I told him about the accident. How could I say no? LOL

Freaky, the van is still in working order so don't think your in the clear. Its butt is dragging a tad but it can still get you! LOL

Wi ont ned know edjewkayshun!

Hey teacher! Leave those kids alone! *playing air guitar*

Freaky Deaky said...

Methinks somebody needs some alone time in the corner after being paddled with the board of education. You're going to learn those three R's even if it hurts you. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Um hey Devil's van I was just joking about that stuff I said earlier. :o)

Ladynay said...

How about being paddled in the corner with a wooden board and do it in the name of education?

E said...

I'm glad you guys are okay. But definitely go to the doctor whenever you can. The funny thing about accidents (which I was last involved in 2000) is that you may feel fine initially but whiplash may be delayed. I think the root of my neck problems today (it flares every now and then) is due to my accident.

Ladynay said...

E, I have a physical coming up in October or November *I should check on that! LOL*