Thursday, October 26, 2006


Not as hype as I have been, but I am not sad or nothing like that. That's still good.

Today I go pick up Pooka's fundraiser stuff from the school so I assume that you wonderful folks that participated should be getting something in the mail soon, I don't know how the online thing works. Thanks again for the support.

Today I also take test 2 for Dr. Hype. Did I study as hard and as much as I did for the first test I failed? Nope! I am not stressing to much over it either. I will just do my best and keep it moving.

I am going out of town tomorrow! Think I've packed? LOL, Then I wonder why I always forget something! It turns out that I have to rent a car vs. taking the van as I planned. My mechanic is going to have his boy tow my car to his place and work on it tonight. Friday I take the van to get the car, leave the van while he gives the van the works: full tune up, oil change, fluid flush, tire check, diagnostic check with that little computer thing, alladat! I seen him do all this with the car and it takes forever! LOL But the van is going to be the bomb when I get it back. All fresh fluids and in great condition.

Now when I get the van I am going to have to recruit someone to go with me so they can drive one of my vehicles back or take me out there and drop me off in there car. The last time LAL dropped me off w/no problem except my mechanic lives is the boonies. He may be willing to do it again. He called me yesterday asking me some weird question. I answered and asked him a question about car radios in return. I asked all the men I know about this. Call it stereotypical, but most men know electronics, 'specially when it comes to car audio, so that's where I went for advice. So far I hear Alpine and Pioneer the most, but T-lo says I don't have Alpine money. He is right from what I've seen so far. So what is a good radio for decent money? I don't want no rinky dink noise box but I don't have to have top notch sound either. What do you think?

Oh yeah and how about Babydaddy won't let me change his brakes! He was talking about how he needed a brake job and was trying to find someone good yet cheap. I told him if he brought the parts I'd do it for some ahhhh personal service of my own. Yes, I do acknowledge that's a bit slutty, but hey we are both still single. I am passed due for my personal tune up which I just realized yesterday, and T-lo's working a full and part time job which really gives us schedule conflicts. So us hanging out a bit this weekend won't hurt know one as far as I know.

I kinda wish I was meeting up with some of the DC metro bloggers but I don't know what my aunt has planned for me. She has Saturday off and wants to spend it with me. I told her that I may go out Friday night with some of my back home crew and she got excited and asked where we were going. Because she said it in a tone like "I wanna go" I told her I didn't know, which I kinda don't nothing is in stone. I heard the excitement drop and I felt bad for a split second. When I am out with my friends I want to be out with my friends. That's not to say my aunt isn't cool like that, but I want to bug out with them and only them. That is...if I am not too tired after I get there! I may just party my butt right down in the bed! LOL We shall see

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm wasn't there a blogger that promised me dinner and a foot rub the next time I was in town? I think I need to make me a phone call later today! ROFL



meljoy said...

Lol @ some personal service of your own! Def stereotypical, look at you, you change brakes (as do i)!

Have fun out of town!

Ladynay said...

To put 2 in 1, "fall break" was this passed Monday. I guess it is the fall equivalent to spring break just shorter *shrug* I ended up being on campus for a study session anyways so there was no break! LOL

My cousin taught me how to change brakes not too long ago. It's really not all that hard. Babydaddy just don't trust me with his brakes! I don't get it. It's not like we're on bad terms or anything! LOL THEN I wouldn't want me messing with the brakes! ROFL!

That's so cool. I just had an idea of an all female garage! I am sure there is one out there just because I just thought of it. Then they might not have much business because most folks don't want a woman under their hood...*sigh* I admit, I am one of them. :-( I need to change that...

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

You can change brakes, you go girl. I can only know how to put oil and water in the car. LOL

Pioneer is a good radio to get.

Have fun on your trip back home.

deepnthought said...

I like Pioneer to. I have seen some reasonable alpine ones though. Just tay away from Aiawa.
I can do minimal maintanence under the hood of a car. I can do oil chnges and such. I had to learn the hard way.
I hope you enjoy your weekend. Have fun for me.

Ladynay said...

Southern, I have a little thing for cars. It's a cool feeling to know that you can fix a "manly" problem yourself. It also saves money. Hopefully the trip will be non stop fun mixed with childless sleep! LOL

DNT, that's 3 for Pioneer! LOL If I got an Alpine radio I would want to get new speakers to do it justice (so I've heard from a few folks) and I don't have the cash to get both right now. Cars are kinda fun to work on, glad you got some knowledge no matter how you got it! LOL I will try to have some fun for the sick and shut in *wink*

blkbutterfly said...

i really need to learn how to do those basic car maintenace things. though i know i'm more than capable of doing it, something about getting under a car makes me very nervous.

lol @ getting some personal service. tell me about it!! i need some too. but, why wouldn't BD give it to you w/o an exchange of services?

LUVIN ME said...

ROTF...You offered the man a break change w/the perks and he turned it down. You are too much!

Ladynay said...

BB, nothing wrong with that. If it makes you uneasy than that's just what it is.

He would without an exchange. He said he was looking for someone to do a good job for cheap, my response was if he brought the parts, I'd do it for oral services. Can't get any more inexpensive than that! That's just how the conversation went that's all. :-P

Ladynay said...

Luvin, he didn't turn down the physical stuff, he didn't want me changing his brakes! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Someone's been hoarding all of the freaky juice. Sip then pass, now share!

I don't need my brakes changed but I can mess them up. How much do you charge? ;o)

Ladynay said...

Freaky, I'll charge you by the orga...uhhhh hour *battin' eyelashes*

Freaky Deaky said...

I hope you really take your time with the um brakes. I tend to have problems with my brakes a lot. Hope that won't be a problem. ;o)

[Whistles as I walk away.]

Lady J said...

Don't feel bad my babydaddy won't let me change his brakes either. He thinks I will sabotage them or something where do he get that;> lol
enjoy ur trip and try not to forget N E thing.
Be safe!!!

That Girl said...

you are really an independent woman

Ladynay said...

FD, well just make sure you always cum see me every time your brakes give you a problem *wink*

J, see now, I don't know how your relation with dude is to comment accurately, but me and Pooka's dad are cool *now, it took a long time* and he should know that I wouldn't want him seriously injured or dead which could be an effect of messing with his brakes. Now if I was to hurt him there are many other ways to do it with his current health still in tact! LOL

TD, I am trying to be. It mostly just me being cheap and nosey. LOL!

BlueAngel said...

OK...tell me that this fool didn't turn down some "free" break service! time you in town, can you change mine too? I won't be servicin you...but I'll make you a great dinner...hehe.