Thursday, October 12, 2006

Good news

Not complaining about Dr. Hype and physics today.

My mechanic guy called me yesterday apologizing for not getting up with me. Uhhhh your wife had 2 surgeries last week, you don't have to explain yourself to me. Priorities are priorities. He is supposed to come look at my stuff today or tomorrow. YAY! I am planning to go visit my mom and company soon and I would prefer to drive the van vs. rent a car.

My coworker shared some info that our admin shared with her during a private meeting. They were having a meeting about the coworker that keeps bumping heads with other coworkers and she don't recall how they got on subject but my admin said something to the effect of...

People think I don't know who is working and who is not around here. The only (people who do what I do) that actually work is you and Ladynay.

Well I be darn, that's hot considering I have slowed up a lot to prevent some type of neurological breakdown! Then again it's not so hot cuz I can honestly say 2 to 3 hours of everyday is spent doing extra curricular internet activity. When people walk in my office I don't change my screen so most of them are probably under the impression that I don't work. LOL But there is a method to my madness. For instance, I may read 2 blogs, then do x amount of work, check my email, then do x amount of work, read a long blog, then do x amount of work. I toggle, that way by the end of the day my personal work goals are complete and I am fairly up to date on what's going on w/other folks. I am just imagining the amount of work that I could produce if I put in 40 real hours of st8 work in a week! WOW, guess I shouldn't complain too much about my pay.


TTD said...

i dont think anyone ever really puts in 40 hrs st8 work a week.. you'd go crazy!!!

but congrats on the kudos from ur admin!

deepnthought said...

I second that.

Lady J said...

That is the same exact thing I do in school everyone always wonder why I am on the net so much but is able to do my school work I tell them it's all about balance. There is definately a method to ur madness. lol

Freaky Deaky said...

I wonder who the long blog could be? LOL!

*Does the happy dance for the Devil's Van.*

So when someone busts in all angry, they should be referred to you because you're the woman, right?

Ladynay said...

TTD & DNT I can only imagine a real 40 hour work week!!!! Imagine only! LOL

J, it's definitely about balance :-D

Freaky, compared to some of the blogs I read, yours isn't too too bad. It may take me 2 visits to complete some of your blogs. But some others, like Marz for example, takes 3 or more trips for most posts.

ROFL, if someone is angry the last place I want them to come is to me!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Sounds like you are mulitasking. I do it all the time

Dre said...

Good job Nay. Keep it up Babe

Ladynay said...

Southern, it's the only way to go sometimes!

DREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! You was on my mind a lot yesterday for no particular reason.


Essequibo said...

True...I think people put in half the hours of work we get paid for (not saying we shouldn't still get that money).

But I know I've floated enough internet, lingered around enough kitchenettes, lounged at enough of other peole's desks to add up to 20 good hours.

And I have no apologies to make.

Ladynay said...

D'oh! Essequibo = Bougie Black Boy! As many times as I seen your name around I never made the connection!

Wow! Even though we all are regular people, I still find it cool that you've commented on my blog!

Now you gon' for me be makin' chck for gramma and speling airrors!

Darn writer types! ROFL

Freaky Deaky said...

Guess I'll have to work on making my posts longer then. :o( I could do the worlds longest meme but I don't know if I feel like answering that many questions. Who knows?

;o) ;o) I just wanted to wink at you.

Ladynay said...

The worlds longest meme??? Please no! I beg you! LOL, If you do do it, make it the last post you do b4 you disappear again! Then we can take our time reading it b4 you post again.

Winks are flirty, you should

blkbutterfly said...

i've found that doing non work related things actually makes me more productive. lol... just kidding. but, i do find that i need little breaks from reality to make the day less stressful.

congrats on the props from your manager! a little praise is always nice.