Monday, October 15, 2007

Since Ruben's "Change Me" is playing on the radio...

I decided I'd do a quick review of Mr. Studdards show last night...

One word, NICE!

This brotha has some serious talent you hear me? I don't know if he had a good night or what but last night his voice was on point!!!!! My favorite cut of his is Beautiful and when he saaaang it last night I swear he sounded better than the studio version. After singing his song he amended it with the Youuuuuuuuuuu areeeeeeeee sooooo meeeeee song and all I gotta say is when he was done, me and the lady next to me were stuck!!!! I looked at her and she looked at me, we didn't say anything but I knew we were on the same page. It was like DAMN! I swear he needs the right people to write his music cuz I swear with his voice he could be really making some scrilla on them ballads. He did a mix of Luther Songs together and I promise you a tear was about to fall down my eye. I wiped it before it could fall. Ruben could look like Flava flav and still sing you out your panties! Again, he got the wrong people backing him, cuz the man got skill.

His drummer is sexy as *bleep* and this must be a sentence by itself.

Ruben and his band was in all black. The drummer got hot and took his black button down off to expose his black tank top...I kinda like men in black tanks *cough* Then Ruben came out with some black glasses on that soo fit his face...I kinda like men in glasses *cough*. Then Ruben would raise his hand periodically to pump the crowd up or to have us sway our hands and you could see the muscles in his forearm...Dammit. Okay lets just say between him and the drummer I caught an eye full. I was six rows back so my eyes and ears took in everything I possibly could! LOL I just wish I had a camera phone or digicam cuz I was right there. *sigh*

There was one part where he let the band play and I don't know if he was just feeling the music or it was part of the show but he starting grooving a little bit. The crowd started chanting "Go Ruben, Go Ruben, Go Ruben", Let me find out he got some moves! He didn't break out with nothing complicated or nothing, but he had that smoove mack daddy groove going on! YUMMY!

The only issue I had with the show was after Ruben did his string of ballads getting everyone in that love making mood, he broke out the gospel music! HE AIN'T RIGHT! ROFL The only issue I had with the experience was this white lady behind me who kept doing that loud two finger in the mouth whistle and wanted to talk to me. She kept tapping me on the shoulder like someone crazy. She better be lucky it was during one of the songs I wasn't familiar with!

I definitely got my money worth and some more. Pooka even had a good time. She stood on the chair, clapped, swayed her hands, and screamed like the rest of us! After the show she said "Mommy, I liked that band". That made everything even better. :-)

More happened this weekend but I'll get to that later...


Kasandra said...

Man I'm soooo jealous!!!! Rueben got muskles???? Yummay!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Black tanks and glasses. If I weren't wearing a gray one I'd think you had access to my webcam. You would've seen some things Saturday night if you did. What?! You so nasty!

Maybe the white lady was trying to get at you. You know sometimes the right music can bring the freak out of you. I mean that's what I've heard anyway since I know nothing about freaks. :oD

Yeah Ruben could use better writers and it would be nice if he stepped away from gospel music too. He should hook up with R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, T. Pain, and Plies. Maybe they could do a song called Golden Showers of Love. That video would be off the chain.

Don't you turn Pooka into a groupie! LOL

I was going to say first but someone beat me to the punch. :o(

GurlNexxDoor said...

I seen ruben and he definitely has a beautiful voice.

I love his last album, love, love, love it!

Hope all went well

Ladynay said...

Yeah he got a lil sumtin sumtin going on Kasandra. I was waiting for the button down to come off but Ruben was being stingy! LOL

FD, I may have access to it *cheese* I smoked a cigarette Saturday...I mean...If I saw anything on a cam I may have access to *wink*

Nah, she was drunk.

I am ignoring the Golden Shower statement! LOL

Awwwwwwwwwwwww (here is a special ladynay hug just for you)


Ladynay said...

Yeah it's beautiful *sigh*

I haven't brought the last album and I call myself a fan! LOL

AR Gal said...

Girl Ruben's got it like that?! I need to google him to find some recent pic's to get a good look at the chocolate delight, lol.

Glad ya'll had a good time!

TrinaBeingTrina said...

If I can recall correctly didn't we have a little disagreement about Reuben. Didn't I claim him as my man and I told you to stay away from him?!? :-) I never want to hear you describing him in such a provocative way again. Understand! As far as the drummer you are more than welcome to him.(hahaha)

But seriously I definitely agree that in the industry it is all about the promoters. If you have the right people behind you you can be a mega-star and you can be only semi-talented. He could be the shit if he had the right people in his corner.

Omar Ramon said...

umm ruben...hmmm i ain't gonna hate...i just ain't...

nikki said...

rueben is cock deez? for real?

lol@gospel music after the baby-making music. yeah, that don't go together at ALL.

Ladynay said...

LOL@chocolate delight. He is still a big guy :-)

Trina, is that you? Where you been???? LOL

I'm taking the drummer and Ruben, thanks!

That's what sucks, you can have no real talent and be hyped to no end! *eyeroll*

Awwww, Omar honey, I and others know that you be getting your sing on. No need for hateration. ((Omar))

Nikki, he is not cut up, he is still a big dude, it was just the noticable definition in his forearms that caught my attention. I don't know what the bi/triceps are looking like...yet...ROFL

Kensilo said...

It;s nice that you had a great time at his concert. I'm with you he can sing his butt off. he just needs better management to promote him.

Ladynay said...

You can say that again Ken

deepnthought said...

Now, I remember the last lil post that you did and I informed you and trina to back off my man. Don't make me get my tims out. lol

Ladynay said...