Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty's Day and stuff

Do you have on green? I do! Even tho' I am not Irish I don't want nobody coming up to me pinching me.

I told myself that next time The Biggest Loser had a casting call that I would respond. The time is now. 30% of me wants to reeeeeeeeally do it, the other 70% is asking those reality type questions you want to transfer Pooka to another school for 4 months? Who is gonna pay your rent? Your car note? Do you have enough vacation time to do this? What about school? You want all of America to see you in a sports bra and biker shorts? So on and so forth. Season 6 will be duo's like season 5. I even found someone willing to go in with me. I just don't know. I have until Thursday to decide. My stuff has to be post marked by the 22nd.

Easter is this weekend! I didn't realize how close it was till mommy called me to ask if I wanted to go to a service with her this coming weekend. My mind was like "huh". In my silence I looked over to my calendar and was stunned! I told her yeah and then she asked me if I was leaving Thursday night or Friday morning. I gave her more silence cuz I hadn't thought about it, it wasn't supposed to be this weekend! LOL! Since Thursday is an active day for me, Mia, Pooka, and I will probably hit the road early Friday morning. I think we stand a better chance of making it there safe if I took a nap first.

My camera is fixed but now I have to find some good batteries to help it keep a charge longer. Something is wrong with the pack my mom gave me during Christmas. I think it's expired or something. I had planned to do an entry with pictures like I did when I went to the dentist and turned my van in to be fixed, but as soon as I took the first picture my camera told me it didn't have the energy and it was going back to bed! :-(

In reading Southern Girl's blog, I realized I only have 129 days left until my birthday! That's like 4 and a half months! Since I didn't do anything major last year I want to do something this year. If I want to leave the state or country I don't have much time to make my reservations for a decent price! Rut ruh!

The weekend was very chill. Just me and my kid. We had no company, we didn't go anywhere, we barely spoke on the phone to folks. It was cool. Pooka had basically asked me for some time so I gave it to her. There was only one incident that made me want to spank that behind. Other than that, good times. I did spend a portion of my weekend looking at houses on the market. No, I am not even remotely close to buying a home, but I was looking at the low end of the salary I'd have when I start my PT career and entering those number on sites to see how much house I could have with that salary, then looking around. I stayed in my fantasy world for a good while. I enjoyed it so much I did it again last night! LOL! It's kinda like sitting back wondering what you would do if you won the lottery. Ahhhhhhhhhh.

Today starts my normal routine with the addition of registering for my summer and fall semesters. All I have to say is this...Central better have the registration system up by 2pm today! Matter of fact I am going to call the registrars office at 8:05 just to make sure they gonna have it up. Normally they would have the new semesters up before early registration, but not this time. I already don't have a good feeling about it.


Anonymous said...

Go on and send in your package for the Biggest Loser. You never know...

I didn't realize Easter was coming up either. It got here fast.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

well stay in, all i know is that they drink green beer and the white folks act like watts when a riot popping

Ladynay said...

SG, part of me don't wanna know. I toggle this back and forth often *sigh*

I am telling you! If my mom didn't call I would still think I had 2 weeks!

Torrance, I read a portion of the work you posted recently. I didn't have no opinion of it so I didn't comment.

I hate that I forgot about the St.Patty's day parade cuz there is always an interesting site to see! Most beers are nasty, no matter the color.

kasandra said...

Yeah this month went super fast, which is cool in my book. I know how you feel about looking into your future. We will get there one day!!!!

Ms.Honey said...

Nothing to say just HOWDY!!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

I wish someone would walk up to me and pinch me that isn't a hot, half naked chick. My pimp hand is twitching just thinking about going up someone's head for that.

Will you be wearing a thong under said biker shorts? What?!

Easter needs to choose a day, any day, and stick with it. I'm tired of it jumping around every year damn Easter Bunny. x(

Did Pooka choke you while asking where her damn money at? :oD

Ladynay said...

Kassandra, time is FLYING! I can't wait till we both are posting pics of our new places. It's gonna be super fab!

Yeah I am a tad too excited! LOL

Howdy do to you Ms. Libra! Or should I say Ms. Zeta? :-)

Freaky, put on some green and then you won't have no problems!

Nope! I don't own thongs! They are made by the devil!

Easter should really just pick a day. I never seem to know when it is!

AR Gal said...

I haven't kept up with St. Patrick's day since I was in high school. My id badge @ work had green on it though. lol

Ladynay said...

Argal, green is green! :-)