Saturday, May 10, 2008

Random Saturday

Went on a field trip with Pooka's class to a nature park Thursday. The hike made the trail at my house seem like a kiddie ride. Another parent, myself and our 8 kids combined got lost in the woods for a minute. We were able to get up with the ranger (thank GOD for cell phones) and he had us walk through a restricted area to get back on track. The kids and I saw something large and fast moving but we couldn't stop. My guess was that it was a deer. I'm just gonna leave it at that. I don't know how them wildlife lovers do it. The other parent and I agreed once we were where we were supposed to be that our idea of roughing it was to be laid up at a hotel with a black and white tv! ROFL! Oh did I mention it rained all day Thursday? We was on some real connect with nature type stuff! The kids were funny! They asked questions like if we had to spend the night there? Did we have food? What we were gonna do when it got dark? Stuff like that. They had a blast tho'. I'm sure our 8 kids had plenty to go home and tell our parents about! LOL

I would have felt bad but 2 first grade classes went on this trip. We split up as classes. The other class did the tadpole/wildlife hunt thing where they learned about different pond creatures then was given a net and tried to find the creatures while our class hiked. Then when we got back we was supposed to creature hunt while the other class hiked. 2 teams that were not together ended up getting lost too! That made me feel better! LOL I mean I got lost, but at least I was with another parent. By time Pooka and I left the park (I drove) one team was still in the woods. The Ranger went in to get them so I am sure they made it back out.

Friday Pooka went to the dentist, I think she is trying to lose one baby tooth a week cuz another one will be out soon! Fortunately we had no cavities! YAY! I dropped the kid off at school and commenced to BS at work. After work we went with Lsbnmom and the kids to go pick strawberries. Fun Fun Fun! I have so much respect for our great great great great great grandpeople who were slaves cuz I picked strawberries for about 10-15 minutes and was done! LOL! I was feeling out of it before we got to the field but being out there made it worse. Again much respect to the slaves who worked the fields all day everyday picking harder things than 4 lbs of strawberries!

Today I am working, well at work blogging. I am considering going bowling for mothers day but I don't know. I am also considering going to see Iron Man still. Babydaddy wasn't able to come down so I don't have today to myself but I'll make the best of it. Part of me wants to hit up the farmers market and cook a really good Sunday dinner from scratch tonight, but the other part says don't bother. I think it is the fresh strawberries that got me in the mood for a fresh home cooked meal. If I do try an act like my grandma, I may invite some folks for dinner. I've never done that before. We'll see. Everything is up in the air at the moment.

Sunday is Speed Racer in IMAX and whatever else I may think of. I briefly thought about doing a day trip with the 2 parents I hung out with last week and all the kids to the beach, but I don't know how the van may handle it. That's too many folks to have on the side of the road.

My stimulus check came. Sorry Bush, the money is going towards my education. :-) Speaking of, my stats teacher finally posted my grade. I got an A! YAY! I won't lie, I feel like our class got the short end of the stick because we didn't really get into the meat of the textbook like most stats classes I hear about, but I am not going complain too much. LOL! My evaluation and measurement class starts in T-minus 10 days! YAY!

For Mothers Day my grandmother sent me 20 bucks, my coworker gave me 2 beautiful roses from her flower garden and she brought pancakes for Pooka and I this morning, and I got a card from Lsbnmom. What did I get people? Nothing! I am feeling like I need to do something, I just don't know what. If I didn't buy my Speed Racer tix in advance I may have went up to MD this weekend just to hang with the fam.

Well let me work, that is what I came up here for.


LsbnMom said...

So, when do you want to go back to the field? There are probably only a few more weeks available... maybe 3 or so! LOL I could go everyday... I just LOVE strawberries! LOL

And yeah, we should do a trip to the farmers market at some point. I hear breakfast there is great.

Freaky Deaky said...

You just didn't have the proper motivation for strawberry picking. Let me get my short sleeve/summer Klan robe out of storage and I'll come down with my whip and the best racist southern accent I can muster up. You'll pick more than 4 lbs. of strawberries and if it suits my fancy I'll visit your shack later that night let you spend some more quality time "serving" massa. :oD

Why does the thought of you and 8 kids lost, cuddled up in the dark, and crying make me laugh? I would've asked the kids to decide who wanted to be eaten first in case help didn't come. LOL Note to all parents: Ladynay will lose your kids.

I wish I saw Speed Race in IMAX. I wasn't trying to pay the money or use the gas to get to a theater with it.

Happy Mother's Day!

blkbutterfly said...

wow... my school would never be down for a field trip like that. hell, i wouldn't even be down for it. the kids would love it, but the whole getting lost thing would be too much. but, i'm glad you all had a good... experience. :-)

we used to go and pick blackberries at my great grandparents' farm. like you, i was over after only a few minutes.

congrats on the stats grade and have a very Happy Mother's Day!

kasandra said...

Strawberry picking sounds like fun until it gets hot and sweaty, then I'm done.

I'm hoping my Mother's Day will go smoothly, yes it will be around family. ****SIGH****

Hope you have a great Mother's Day too!!!

Erica C. said...

Happy Mother's Day Diva!!!!

Love ya!

Darius T. Williams said...

Yea - get to work - lol. Happy Mother's Day too!!

TrinaBeingTrina said...

First of all Freaky has some issues. Hahaha...Anyway, Gurrll, you are better than me because I would not have been out on no daggone nature walk in the first place. I don't have no time for wildlife....My aunt used to make me pick blueberries with her. I absolutely hated it partly because I didn't even like blueberries and it was all hot and sticky out there. Anyway... next subject before I start getting falshbacks...Congrats on the A and happy mother's day.

Ladynay said...

lsbnmom, soon cuz I need some more for the freezer. That one bag I got in there now isn't going to last the week!

Freaky, you're special dude! ROFL! Short bus special!

Makes you laugh? Imma beat you! We was roughing it and you gonna laugh? Shame! :-P

It was cool in IMAX but I am sure it was cool on the normal movie screen too!


BB, go on and take the kids to the woods! *wink* Me and the other parent told the kids we were on an "adventure". LOL!

OKAY! I don't see how nobody can be out in the field picking nothing for more than a half hour!


Kasandra, I don't do hot and sweaty either, well in certain situations but that's neither here nor there! LOL!

Here's hoping I read that you and the fam had a good time together with no drama. Happy belated momma's day!

Cuzzin, HAPPY MOMMA'S DAY!!!!!!! Love ya 2 lady!

Darius, Hush and Thank you!

Trina, yeah we will have him committed soon. :-) Outside of getting lost the trail wasn't that bad, it was actually quite the workout.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM blueberries! Please don't have flashbacks. I don't wanna be responsible for any taps into your slavery days with your aunt. :-D

Thanks and happy belated to you!