Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm just a plain ole live sports watching Jane.

I had a post typed out but erased it. The main point I wanted to get across was that I am a nice, plain, girl next door, simple, laid back, low maintenance, jean and tee shit wearing chick. I'll give you the shirt off my back, but if you keep coming outside with no shirt on eventually I am going to question you and keep my shirt on for my own purposes. Period.

The weekend was okay. Saturday I was cured of the baby wanting bug I'd been having lately. I didn't say nothing to no one about it, but being around coworkers walking around glowing with there little basketballs under their shirts and hearing about family members expanding the population kinda sorta made me want to do the whole preggo thing again. Then like I said, I was cured on Saturday! LOL! I watched Lsbnmoms chirrin' over night Saturday which included a 10 month old. I have no problem keeping an eye on the kids but I was reminded that when I get tired, they may not mean that the baby is tired! With Pooka and the other kids you can tell them to lay down or go to bed and even if they are not sleepy they'd lay down and chill. The 10 month old isn't to that point yet. It's late, I'm sleepy, we are all laying around in my living room and the baby is laying on me dozing off. Every time the baby got to a point where I thought he was sleep good I'd put him down, lay down, then I'd have to get up a moment later cuz he'd wake up and talk or play. Babies are cute, babies are fun, but when you're tired babies aren't as cute and fun anymore. So I held him and we hung out till about 1:15am. That's when he decided that he was sleepy enough to stay sleep. Well stay asleep till 5:48 anyways. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed then! LOL! His momma always talks about how he goes to bed early, may wake up for food once then sleep all night. That must be the routine at home cuz at my place that hasn't happened. So anytime I'm in baby wanting mode, I got to baby sit a child under the age of 1 overnight to remind me of the not so cute and fun stuff.

Sunday I went to the baseball game. My new associate never got back up with me and I got tired of calling her so me and Pooka went on our own. I thought about calling her to see if I could just sweep up the boys, but my head was hurting and I 1/2 way didn't want to go myself, so I didn't call.

We got to the ball park, parked and made it to our seats. About 5 minutes later the sky went from pretty and sunny to gray. Then came the rain. Game was supposed to start at 5 but didn't start till 7:30. I was determined not to leave until they called the game. I killed time texting folks, then watching the Boston/Cleveland game and cartoons on the big screen. One of Pooka's school mates was there with her parent so she was chit chatting with her. When the tarp crew came out to remove the tarp from the field the 1/3 of the crowd that waited the rain out got to hollering. Me and Pooka was hollering too! When in Rome...LOL! So the game starts and me and Pooka are enjoying the game then in the fourth inning it started to get really cold. Pooka had on shorts and a tee and I had on jeans and a tee. At about 8:15 I decided that we were going to leave at 9:00 because of the weather and it was a school night. At about 8:25 this chilly wind came through and I'd had enough. Pooka was thinking the same cuz seconds later she told me she was ready to go. There was alot I could go into detail about but all and all Pooka and I's first live baseball experience was great. I went in the park with a head ache and bad attitude and left wanting to come back. We plan to go back at the end of the month!


Darius T. Williams said...

Nice weekend - lol, Happy Monday to you!

Ladynay said...

Happy Monday Darius. The system is down yet AGAIN so I don't know just how happy this Monday is going to be!

Freaky Deaky said...

Take your shirt off and send pictures to me. You can include some thongy thong pics in that e-mail too. I'm patiently waiting. Tick tock.

You're a good one. I would've waited up to 90 minutes at the most. Two and half hours and I'd be at home talking about the folks who stayed. I bet you and Pooka leaving made the mascot sad. Bad Ladynay! Bad!

The baby had new sweater puppets to drool on and explore so he might have been a bit clingy due to the limited time he knew he would have with them.

So um how many babies can the stork sign you up for? Two? Three? More?! LOL

Ladynay said...

I need some skin pics first! My email address is lan...LOL!

I'm sure many of the folks that left where talking about us that stayed! It's all good tho' I got what I wanted out of the experience.

smh@sweater puppets

I'm iggin you! HAHAHAHAHA!

Monique said...

I love baseball games. DP wants to take our son this fall. After I reminded him that he will be all of 2-3 months old and that boy isn't go to stay awake, let alone care, he figured he'd wait until next spring. But hey, his momma can definitely go! Nothing like a Braves game on a nice summer day. I'm glad you guys had fun.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Keep that baby wanting bug over there. I just got use to not wiping azz. Lol

Ladynay said...

Yeah Monique, I saw 2 mothers at the park with new babies and I looked at both of them sideways! If you and DP gotta see some ball, leave the baby with grandma okay? LOL!

Southern, I don't know where that bug is now but it left my house! LOL! I remember the day I could stop buying pull ups. You gonna realize how much you were spending on them soon! So ummmm can I have a dollar?